The Spiritual Connection


Based On Level IV Lectures by Michio Kushi, 2003-04

  • Use specific chants for specific purpose - vary them.
  • Learn ten or twelve kinds or make up your own.
  • There are 48 sounds. Each synchronizes with a universal vibration and relates to a specific organ or body system.
  • "J" or "gh" corresponds with kidneys and ears.
  • "Ee" (as in "eat") corresponds to stomach meridian.

Sitting Position:

  • Seiza: Separate knees fist width, toes touching; hold hands near body.
  • Alternatively, sit in lotus or half lotus, using pillow under buttocks.
  • Chant upon rising for 10-20 minutes, and before dinner or bed.
  • Chant until you forget yourself and become the sound.
  • Silence induces empty mind/infinity.
  • Chanting opens chest, circulates energy in the bloodstream, and increases breathing and oxygenation.
  • Close eyes and be the sound–chant with empty mind.

Spiritual Chants:

  • "Su"-To harmonize and become peaceful; 4 x is usually enough.
  • "Su" is the sound of the air world, as the sound made in sleep.
  • It is an energy or vibrational exchange.
  • Hand position: Left hand is Heaven's energy; Right hand is Earth's energy.
  • Left hand on top: Heaven's energy dominant-quieting, downward.
  • Right hand on top: Earth's energy dominant-Energizing, upward.
  • Touch thumbs to complete energy circuit, holding hands near body.
  • Relax shoulders and arms.
  • Close eyes, quiet down and breathe quietly and deeply 4-5 times.
  • "Su" evokes peace and harmony.
  • "A-U-M"-To clean spiritual channel, chant "A-U-M" repeatedly.
  • Hand position: Seiza prayer position with fingers pointed outward 45°.
  • Imagine spiritual channel vibrating upwards.


  • Aum ("Om") is a sound of the One World time before the axis shift.
  • A: Universe, space, totality-pronounced with open mouth.
  • Most alphabets begin with A.
  • U: Intermediate sound-represents all phenomena; Vibration.
  • M: Gathered energy, objects, matter-closed mouth, concentration.


What is love? Some say that love is everything. Do you agree?

Is there a conflict between personal love, such as love between man and woman or love for the family, and love for everyone, called universal love?

Some say that love changes to hate, and hate to love. Do you agree?

If so, explain why. If you know or have experienced such changes, explain them.


Love is the flow of energy, the harmony in the order of the universe. It manifests as flexibility, the absence of fear. It is expressed on all seven levels.

Love is everything because it encompasses supreme judgment, level seven.

There is no conflict between personal and universal love because love encompasses everything.

On levels 1-6 love may change to hate, and hate to love.  On level 7 love needs no object.  Love can be expressed mind to mind, without words.

אהבה (ahava) signifies one-א (a) connected through infinity-ה (h) with two -ב (b)

Macrobiotics is food for love; one's way of eating determines his connection to love.  Love develops naturally with clarity.