Why We Embrace Macrobiotics


There are many health benefits attributed to following a macrobiotic lifestyle.   The following list is based on the experience of many practitioners over a long period of time.  Reference to specific illnesses are not included:

1.   No earwax.

2.   No dandruff.

3.   Smoother skin texture and better skin color.

4.   Fewer facial wrinkles.

5.   Brighter eyes; all senses are sharper and clearer.

6.   No need for sunglasses.

7.   Skin tans and does not burn from sun exposure.

8.   No need to cover head under sun (not for everyone).

9.   Less and thinner body and facial hair; much easier to shave.

10. Clear thinking and focus.

11. Better concentration and memory.

12. More flexible, coordinated and flexible body.

13. Better quality and more relaxed sleep.

14. Fewer hours of sleep needed.

15. Rare mid day fatigue; just a few minutes rest leads to complete revival.

16. Skin spots become lighter and often disappear.

17. Minimum body swelling; body liquid is reduced to minimum (no bloating).

18. Body odor is reduced considerably; no smelly feet or underarms--no need for deodorant.

19. Headaches, backaches, and other daily aches and pains are reduced or eliminated—no over the counter medicine is needed.

20. Consistent good moods; mood swings are eliminated or minimized.

21. Physical pain is reduced considerably; including dental pain.

22. Reduced sensitivity to tickling.

23. Less jumpy at sudden loud noises; quicker reactions.

24. Greater appetite for food, life, and sex.

25. No hemorrhoids.

26. Easy bowel elimination; constipation and diarrhea reduced or eliminated.

27. Less belching and flatulence.

28. Weight is controlled without calorie counting, attention to vitamin or mineral intake.

29. Breathing is enhanced; clearer nostrils; pleasant breathe.

30. Allergies and sinus problems are eliminated.

31. Chapped lips are eliminated even in the hottest, driest days.

32. Mosquitoes are not attracted.

33. Flu or other viral illnesses are all but eliminated; fewer colds.

34. Speaking voice is stronger and clearer.

35. Self confidence improves considerably.

36. Calmer emotions.

37. No menstrual cramps, menstrual related depression or pre menstrual symptoms (PMS).

38. Fewer fertility problems.

39. Simplified pregnancy and birth hardships; less labor pains and quicker deliveries; fewer lactating difficulties.

40. No heartburn.

41. Stronger hair; less gray.