Way of Life Suggestions


Chew your food well, until it becomes liquid in your mouth.

Eat with good appetite.

Eat in a peaceful, orderly manner, while sitting, and with gratitude for your food. Your may eat two to three times per day, as comfortably as you want, provided your meal includes the proper proportions of food and each mouthful is thoroughly chewed.

It is best to leave the table feeling satisfied but not full.

Drink comfortably when you feel thirsty.

Avoid eating for about three hours before sleeping, as going to bed soon after eating tends to result in stagnation in the intestines and indigestion.

Bathe as needed, but avoid long hot baths or showers as they leach minerals from the body.

Scrub and massage every part of your body with a hot, damp towel until the skin becomes pink every morning and/or night. At least scrub your hands and feet, including each finger and toe.

Wear cotton clothing next to the skin, especially cotton undergarments. It is best to avoid wearing synthetic, woolen or silk clothing directly on the skin. Also refrain from wearing excessive metallic jewelry or accessories on the fingers, wrists or neck. Try to keep such ornaments simple and graceful.

For the deepest and most restful sleep, go to bed before midnight and get up early in the morning.

Be active in your daily life. Systematic exercise programs such as yoga, Do-In, and sports can be helpful, provided they are not too vigorous.

If your condition permits, go outdoors often. Walking barefoot on the beach, grass or soil can be enjoyable and refreshing.

Keep your home environment clean and orderly, especially the areas where food is prepared and served.

Daily living materials should ideally be of natural quality. Cotton sheets, towels, blankets and pillowcases, incandescent as opposed to fluorescent lighting, natural wood furnishings, and cotton or wool carpets all contribute toward a more natural atmosphere.

It is advisable to use a gas or wood stove for daily cooking rather than electric or microwave cooking devices.

Avoid or minimize the use of electric objects close to the body, including electric shavers, hair dryers, blankets, heating pads, toothbrushes, etc.

Keep large green plants in your home to freshen and enrich the oxygen content of the air.   Occasionally opening the windows permits fresh air to circulate and is refreshing even in cold weather.

Use earthenware, cast iron, or stainless steel cookware rather than aluminum or Teflon-coated pots.

If you watch television, especially color TV, do so at a distance and at an angle to the set in order to minimize exposure to radiation. Avoid watching TV during meals.

Use naturally prepared cosmetics and body care products such as natural toothpaste, sea salt, or clay for tooth care.