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How does one move through grief, honoring it while shedding it? We don’t want to drown in sadness nor ignore it. Breath is a big part of this lung energy, as we breath into our feelings and exhale them out. We’ll discuss methods to feel and to cope, balancing pain with joy

Having been single, married, divorced and widowed Hadassa has ample life experience in applying positive thinking to replenish energy and begin each day afresh. Join her in learning how to use affirmations and more to digest the expected and unexpected twists and turns of life.

Wed, May 29—2:30-3:30pm—Main Hall

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Christy Morgan has been tantalizing taste buds for over 15 years as a vegan chef, cooking instructor, food writer, and cookbook author. Her mission is to show that a plant-based diet and lifestyle can be delicious & easy and brings energy and bliss into your life all while helping the animals and the planet. Christy became obsessed with fitness post-30 and is a NASM certified personal trainer and yoga teacher spreading the message that you can be strong & thrive on a plant-based diet. She can show you how to reach all your health and fitness goals to reach optimal health. Having visited over 47 countries, she loves sharing her passions of travel with healthy living and fitness with her travel company, Blissed Out Retreats; BlissfulandFit.com.

Christy will be teaching you some of her most beloved recipes including breakfast and brunch ideas along with recipes that nourish the tree, soil and metal elements. You'll especially learn how to make tasty desserts with natural sweeteners.

Sun, May 26; Tue, May 28; Wed, May 29—10:30am-1:00pm—Studio


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King David’s Therapy: Tehilim

Many of us don’t see the benefit of reading Tehilim. We struggle with their poetry, syntax, grammar and meaning. For the last 3000 years, the Tehilim have had a powerful effect on those who recite them. How much more so if we knew what the poetry meant! Avraham’s method is to do less and focus more for amazing results. New insights appear to long standing issues. King David has actually done the work. He is the top spiritual therapist of all time. This workshop will present creative approaches to Tehilim from music to buddy learning, creative writing and more. You can carry these methods with you your whole life to nourish your soul from the ultimate Book of Emotions.

Avraham Moskowitz founded and directed the Seattle Massage School. He has practiced Naturopathic Medicine for over 20 years, and was professor and clinic director at the John Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle. He is the author of Tehilim Cards, based on King David’s major gift.

Wed, May 29—2:30-3:30pm—Cabin 1

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Allergy Testing–Tolerance & Sensitivity to Food

Understanding how your body handles food is the path to optimal health. Many conditions are caused by our body’s inability to handle various foods. Discovering what foods are good for you enables both physical and mental health. Dr. Anders Nerman has worked for years in the field of food tolerance testing. He’s found that specific foods can be problematic for an individual, and that once identified, healing is much more accessible. Learn how eating the correct food can have an almost immediate impact for a healthy body. Healthy food does not always mean right for you.

Dr. Anders Nerman, N.D. is a Canadian-trained, licensed (non-practicing) & board-certifiedNaturopathic doctor. Dr. Nerman graduated in 2012 from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, one of six accredited naturopathic colleges in North America. He promotes evidence-based natural integrated medicine with a focus on preventative medicine and nutrition. His  focus is in the treatment of digestive disorders such as IBS and SIBO, food and environmental allergies, chronic fatigue, acute and chronic pain, fibromyalgia, traumatic brain injury, weight loss, sports injury and pediatric care. He is the exclusive provider of IgG Food Allergy/Sensitivity Blood Testing in Jerusalem.  www.drnerman.com 

 Wed, May 29—10:30-11:30am—Main Hall

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Sometimes adults may understand a language yet be unable to communicate well within it. Speech and hearing therapy is aimed at improving speaking and language skills and oral motor abilities. Lynn teaches us how to make speech clearer and build speaking skills by learning new language concepts and practicing listening.

Lynn Paul is 65 years old and married with 4 children and 4 grandchildren. She made aliyah in September, 1989 and has a Masters Degree in Speech and Language Therapy, licensed both in the USA and Israel. She has worked in schools, hospitals, clinics and privately with adults and children.

Thu, May 30—5:30-6:30pm—Cabin 1

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Counting the Omer to Health

Naturopathic philosophy speaks of "The Natural Law of Sevens" in the healing processes. The Omer is a prime example of this universal law. 

Sometimes when it seems like things are getting worse, all we need is patience for a new perspective so they can get better–often better than expected. In this workshop we will see examples of how almost any health condition can be naturally cured and/or prevented, including gallstone removal without surgery, helaing childhood diseases, dealing with weight issues, old age difficulties and more. Our discussion will include breathing exercises, links between natural healing and Jewish philosophy, and an opportunity to share healing challenges.

Shanni Reiff-Profesorsky is a practitioner of naturopathy and yoga, and author of 2 books–Holistic and Tasty Nutrition (2006) and Bri'a - a Holistic Journey throughout the Hebrew Year Cycle (2017). 

Sun, May 26—2:30-3:30pm—Cabin 1



This year’s Whole Health Forum is structured around the theory of the Five Transformations of Energy. Each day Ginat will explore the “Energy of the Day” with compelling presentations intended to clarify our world and ourselves.

Sunday, May 26: Balancing the Five Energies

This class sets the stage for our week of study. We’ll learn about natural rhythms and cycles and how each of us fits in to the whole.

Monday, May 27: Organ Health

We’ll spotlight each set of bodily organs to understand both its physical and metaphysical function. This is a fascinating class!

Tuesday, May 28: Food to Feel Good

Foods have specific effects according to our individual personalities. Find out what’s good for you and what’s better to avoid.

Wednesday, May 29: Five Transformation Diagnosis

In this riveting class we find out what to do. Every condition of health can be understood as having a specific energy, and can be treated accordingly.

Thursday, May 30: The Health Zone

This is the best class of all! The Health Zone is a clear system based on the Five Transformations. It explains how to manage our lives, and why sometimes some people slip. At last we can understand why.

Ginat Rice is co-creator of the Whole Health Forum along with her husband Sheldon. She has been practicing macrobiotics for 39 years and has lectured throughout the world on related topics.

Sun to Thu; 9:00-10:00am—Main Hall

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The Magic of Numerology: Understanding Your Life Purpose
The birthday reveals the life each of us was meant to have. Every class participant will learn the most important personality traits affecting his health and happiness. This information can become a basis for significant personal growth and development. In addition, we will explore many other factors shaping each person’s life.

Sheldon embraced a macrobiotic lifestyle that helped him heal a serious illness in the late 1980s. An intense interest in numerology—determining the personality of a person at birth based on their name and birthday— during the past fifteen years has resulted in his authoring two books: Getting to Know You: A Numerology Textbook, based on the thousands of personal readings he has conducted; and, Personality and Numerology: The Collective Behavior of Peoples from 21 Countries, provides an understanding of the collective behavior characteristics of people from different countries, and their influence on their respective cultures. Sheldon and his wife Ginat live in Zichron Yaakov, a small town on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, where they have a center for macrobiotic studies, numerology, life coaching, and related services. Visit them at www.TheRiceHouse.com.

Mon, May 27—10:30-11:30am—Cabin 1

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Hannah Roen, LMT specializes in the healing of chronic and acute health conditions, infertility, medically incurable conditions, children’s conditions such as ADD, disabilities, hyperactivity, OCD and other chronic conditions. Bring your questions for answers to all your health issues.

Distance Healing: The New Frontier 

Distance healing is the cutting-edge method of healing that addresses the particular health issues of our times. Healing is sent quickly through meditative prayer with incredible results, and can be used to heal and clear a wide range of issues: • Auto-immune conditions • ADD, learning disabilities, autism • Repetitive fears and emotional patterns rooted in other lifetimes • Traumas • Interpersonal conflicts • Clearing food pesticides, fish radiation, bacteria, viruses, candida • Sending healing to people in critical condition • Clearing income and relationship blockages • Balancing chakras • Healing health and mental challenges


Thu, May 30—2:30-3:30pm—Studio

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How do we actually see? What and how much? Does each of us see differently? Is there such a thing as clairvoyance? Are there various types? How can we develop our vision?

We will look at these questions together, share experiences and exercise our optical capacities.

Beyond our physical sense of vision, we are gifted with skills that enable us to create a reality that we fore-see. Imagination and envisioning are said to be the paths to reach out for our dreams. Who are those whose dream come true? What is their point of view?

Like many of us I am a multicultural person. I have 55 years on this planet (seemingly not the first time around), and I am a care giver. I love taking care of myself, of others, of animals and plants. In my eyes it is an art–something that time, experience, on-going work, love and modesty improve. My journey as a receiver and as a giver has helped me sharpen my intuition and ability to envision. I shall be delighted to share with you some of my practices and love to see you soon.

Certified Gestalt Practitioner, Body Psychotherapist, Tchi Kong and Meditation Teacher, but mainly I hope, a human being.

Sun, May 26— 5:30-6:30pm—Cabin 1


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Ellen Rosen Senor is an aromatherapist, facial yoga instructor and permaculture designer. In 2009 Ellen initiated the Ellen Rose Botanical Beauty line of hand-crafted aromatherapeutic skin care. Her purpose and passion is whole-istic natural beauty and health solutions for every challenge. She has devoted years of study and daily use to Aromatherapy, Yoga and Reiki. www.ellenrosebotanicals.com

Inspired by Permaculture – sustainable living—Ellen grows organic produce, builds and teaches earthworm farming for children, composts tirelessly, and observes the miracles of nature with awe and respect. Ellen firmly believes in education for sustainability in all forms and in taking action on behalf of the planet that we call home.  

FACIAL YOGA  An early morning Facial Yoga class offers instruction in a holistic facelift–no chemicals, no surgery, no nonsense. Muscles properly toned and facial exercises performed in the right combination impart a powerful, elegant and balanced build to the face. Join us to learn the secrets of a natural face lift. Ellen Rose on Facebook

Wed, May 29—7:00-8:00am—Studio

Tue, May 28—2:30-3:30pm—Main Hall



Join Emma for a guided meditation as we sit with spirit-filled music to begin our day. We will energize the body and clear away any blockages to experience a free-flowing day, floating in the receiving energy of all that we need for the most wonderful day ahead. We will welcome the wisdom of our most beloved ancestors and the guidance of the divine spirit to help us clear the path ahead and open the way for us to grow beyond our limitations.

Emma Rose 🌹 was a natural healer and intuitive from a very young age, using Angel Cards since the age of 16. A qualified Reiki Master, she has also studied basic cellular healing and abundance work under Brandon Bays throughout an on off period of over 14 years. Rose uses a combination of intuitive constellation and shamanic processes to bring a compassionate, listening ear to those on a quest to understand the deeper aspects of their self.

Wed, May 29—7:00-8:00am—Studio

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Becky became interested in positive thinking and self-awareness after moving from Chile to Israel at age 16. She suddenly had to transition to life in a new country, a childhood blow to her self-confidence and creativity. As a young mother and wife she found herself unhappy and full of anger. Her body began to express her suffering as her right leg shortened from childhood polio that doctors had declared cured. She endured debilitating back pain coupled with digestive resistance to frequent painkillers. 

Investigating methods for self-healing, Becky quickly understood that personal reality stems from our own thoughts. A workshop based on the positive thinking methods of Louise Hay taught her to stop blaming herself and empower change. Feelings of failure gradually disappeared. She listened to her pain to understand its message, choosing to embrace supportive and positive thoughts. 

Today Becky takes no pain medication and walks without a limp. She provides a true mirror of deep listening and simple guidance that offers solutions. Becky Rothstein is Israel's only authorized teacher trainer in the positive thinking methods of Louise Hay. Over 30 years of experience allow her to precisely identify the issues that plague people and teach them to find their answers inside.

  • Gloomy Wednesday

    Let’s talk about moodiness. When we feel depressed, in the dumps, or sad, we can learn to regulate our emotional barometer. The lungs enable us to breathe in life. Inhale.

    I’m Afraid So

    Fear is a part of us. We’ll look at fear in this class and how to take responsibility even when the fear is still there. Remember that the kidneys, which are responsible for courage and fear, have a kid inside. That kid seeks our attention.

Wed, May 29 and Thu, May 30—12:00-1:00pm—Main Hall

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JODY RYABINOV—CNHP, Biofeedback Tech, Live Blood Analysis, 

Jody Ryabinov had worked for many years as a Certified Natural Healthcare Professional (CNHP) and for over a decade ran a private practice doing nutritional consulting at the Living Well Center in Ormond Beach, FL before moving to Israel in 2010. She holds two certifications in Darkfield Microscopy (Live Blood Cell Analysis) and is certified in Biofeedback/EAV technology. This training has given Jody some great keys to the understanding how healing takes place on a cellular level within the body. She has been involved in natural health since the 1970's with over 45 years of experience and training. She has earned over thirty certifications in the natural healthcare arena. It is her joy to help others learn how to help themselves overcome many diseases and symptoms of the day!

Jody has also been active in teaching seminars both in the USA and Internationally on the roots of illness. Her seminars are filled with transforming insight and understanding – they are life changing! By working with the whole person - spirit, soul, and body - Jody has helped thousands of people get rid of their symptoms and infirmities.

Jody’s research in the arena of Live Blood Analysis and Quantum Molecular Medicine enabled her to launch her own product line and company, but also to understand the impact of essential oils for the body. She is currently working with a team of people interested in using some of the purest supplements & essential oils in the world. The company is an international company called doTERRA, which offers hundreds of the best essential oils and powerful life changing supplements.

Jody is a wife, mother and grandmother. She also travels the world with her husband sharing music and of LOVE that bring healing and restore true identity.



Narrative Therapy: Living the Life You Prefer

Narrative Therapy is a form of cognitive treatment based on the stories that we tell ourselves and others about our lives. Focusing on our stories helps us move us into the life we want to live. We will look at ways to improve our lives by locating resources that we already have.

Tue, May 28—2:30-3;30pm—Studio




Healing Personal Romance

During the last two years Ezra has faced great relationship challenges with those he loves most–his wife and children. He came to realize that spiritual health is plural–not him alone in a private practice. Spirituality means healthy relationships as a whole, a group, and a family. Ezra will share a deeply personal experience of marital discord overcome through profound soul searching and daily practice of giving, allowing and appreciating. The Torah is not merely a book–it’s what we live. We can ask God to forgive us for our transgressions in the world. For offenses against other people, we need to ask them. In this conversation  he will discuss the relationship of man to his maker and man to his mate.

Ezra Shapiro is a computer technician in Jerusalem whose love is learning Torah and supporting his family. His computer skills are a portal that enables him to listen to and help his clients and friends.

Wed, May 29—10:30-11:30am—Cabin 1



Shoshana Shinnar is certified as a personal trainer with a specialization in arthritis care.  Her private practice in mobility training is called OW-to-WOW.  She teaches simple exercises using everyday household items that restore mobility, balance, strength and endurance. In this class we will perform easy exercises that help you regain what you may have lost.  No equipment needed. 

Tue, May 28—7:00-8:00am—Studio




Professor Itzchak Slotki is Medical Director of Afek Medical Center, Jerusalem and heads the dialysis unit at Hod Amal Medical Center in Ma’ale Adummim. He conducts nephrology out-patient clinics for all four health funds. Professor Slotki, who did his medical training in the UK and made Aliyah with his wife and family in December 1980, retired at the end of 2017 as Director of the Division of Adult Nephrology at Sha’are Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem. He served as Director for 19 of over 37 years practice at Shaare Zedek. From 2008-11 he was President of the Israeli Society of Nephrology and Hypertension and for the last 4 years has served as Secretary of the Nephrology sub-section of the European Union Medical Section. He has taught medical students and residents throughout his career both in the UK and Israel and has published extensively in medical literature. He became interested in holistic health care whilst on sabbatical in Boston, MA in the late 1980s, when he noticed that eating a plant-based macrobiotic diet made his mind clearer, enabling greater focus and productivity and generally leading to greater well-being.

Kiss Your Kidneys: This talk will focus on the workings of the kidney according to both conventional physiology and traditional Chinese medicine. He will outline the common causes of kidney disease and, in particular, he will emphasize the role of a healthy lifestyle in promoting and maintaining kidney health.

Thu, May 30—10”30-11:30am—Main Hall

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Jeremy Pesach Dahvid Stadlin is a passionate and talented rabbi, group leader, song writer, wilderness guide, experiential educator, musician, spirit guide, tree-sitter, author, certified permaculture designer, artist and community builder for the Jewish people and beyond. In leading ceremonies and teaching classes, Pesach synthesizes ancient wisdom and modern perspective in a way that feels compelling to people of all ages and backgrounds. His music is enchanting and truly transforming.

Get a preview of Pesach’s magic and be enchanted.

Tue, May 28—8:00-9:00pm—Main Hall

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1) Pilates Level 1, Sunday, May 26th

This class focus on form and alignment to help you master the Pilates fundamentals from the core. It is ideal for all fitness levels, safe and effective to build your strength, mobility and mind set. You will learn about your own body and progress at your own safe rate onto the next level, or build up for your daily activities in life. Find the connection between movement, mind, and breath....

2) Eldoa- Myofascial Stretching, Monday, May 27th

The Eldoa method, created by world-renowned osteopath Guy Voyer DO, consists of postures that target specific joints or spinal segments in order to relieve pressure and restore blood flow. You will learn some beneficial movements to help your posture by creating a fixed point and stretching its fascia connection. Benefits include increased flexibility, improved muscle performance and tone, reduced stress, relief of chronic and acute back pain, reduced joint inflammation.....

3) Healing Breathing, Tuesday, May 28th

"Breathing is the first act of life and the last one." - Joseph Pilates

You will learn or perhaps be reminded of the breathing techniques of Yoga, IceMan, Pilates, and more. Often we take breathing for granted until something happens. Let’s not wait until then to nurture our body with air.

Be ready to move and learn the meaning of your lungs, diaphragm, and other muscles. We will end with a breathing mediation.

4) Seven Chakras and Reiki Meditation, Wednesday, May 29th

This two-in-one Reiki and Chakra Meditation balances the healing powers found in both meditation and Reiki, and can generate balance between body and mind as can be experienced in yoga, tai chi, quantum touch and other modalities. You will be safely guided into Chakra meditation to balance the 7 main chakras and receive Reiki, also called energy healing.

5) Dynamic Movement and Reiki Mediation, Thursday, May 30th

Dynamic Meditation is one of the most playful methods of inner focus–you will be moving–to get into a state that is thoughtless yet blissful, alone yet connected to everything around you. Be ready to move into your deeper YOU and find yourself in 5 stages - intense breathing, catharsis, mantra chanting, silence, and celebration. We will conclude by receiving Reiki energy healing.


Bianka Steinfeldt was born in Austria where she began ballet and movement at age 6. She danced and taught in the cities of Bregenz, Dornbirn and Vienna. Following sports injuries Bianka turned to Pilates to rehabilitate her body. Her experience has shown that “movement heals.” Classically trained, she is a certified 2nd Generation Master Pilates Teacher. After moving to the US, Bianka discovered Power Pilates and received her full equipment certification in 2007. She completed a 2-year Master Mentor Program in 2014. Always seeking new challenges, she began the Eldoa program in 2018, placing her on the cutting edge of creativity and innovation to share with her clients. Believing that what the mind can see, the body can accomplish, Bianka has found even deeper healing methods with Reiki and Access Bars certification.

All classes—12:00-1:00pm—Cabin 1


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Shoham Wajsman is a master teacher with the Israel Feng Shui Academy and expert in Chinese Astrology. She has been practicing the art of Feng Shui since 1996. Shoham has trained over 500 practitioners and given myriad private consultations over the last 22 years. Shoham was trained by masters from the far east like Professor Geng Ziang Zen, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hay, Mater Reymond Lo, and Roger Green, among others. 

Feng Shui

We live most of our lives indoors. What is the influence of indoor energy on our health, sleep and relationships? Does that energy change with time and can we improve its influence?

Feng Shui expert Shoham Wajsman brings the ancient teachings of antiquity to the Whole Health Forum to explain the forces that effect our lives through the inanimate world of houses and objects, which actually are full of life and mystery.

The knowledge of Feng Shui was developed 4500 years ago during the period of the Yellow Emperor. This Eastern holistic approach that views man as one with his environment brought us the secrets of “Feng Shui,” literally Wind & Water. It remains practical and useful information to this day. This great understanding brings techniques and formulae to communicate with our surroundings in the language of form, color and material.

Sun, May 26—2:30-3:30pm—Main Hall




Eva Wasserman will demonstrate the development of the clarinet from the classical period until today through recordings, showing us what an amazingly versatile instrument it has become through its development. As a special treat, Eva will play some simple, beautiful nigunim (tunes). Check her out at https://www.evawassermanmargolis.com/home.

Eva Wasserman-Margolis was born on the island of Key West in Florida. Her parents were her greatest inspiration to her music. Her father, a concentration camp survivor, and her mother, born in India, met in the U.S. In 1980 Eva received her Master's Degree in Music Performance at the University of Illinois, and in the same year secured the position of Principal Clarinetist with the Haifa Symphony in Israel. Her interest in Musicology at Bar Ilan University introduced her to the world of music research. Eva's dedication as an instructor has established a new generation of Israeli clarinetists–her legacy–who study and perform throughout the world. Ms. Wasserman-Margolis also has a HHP Degree (Health Practitioner). She works holistically in helping her students with problems related to performance using Bach Flowers, Frequency Medicine and healthy eating habits.

Sun, May 26—2:30-3:30pm—Studio



MAD ABOUT YOU: You Can Heal Your Life Study Course

Do you know why you get angry–the true reasons that trigger your upset? Anger has its roots under the surface. If you can identify the real causes of your emotions you can move past them to where healing starts. How you handle yourself in a given situation is entirely your choice. Lucy offers support for understanding your anger and tools for handling your emotions. Transformation and healing can then be yours!

Lucy Yaes is originally from Turkey and made an Aliyah in 2010. She is a certified Heal Your Life Teacher and Life Coach based on the philosophy of Louise Hay. Heal Your Life is a globally known coaching practice. Lucy organizes life-changing workshops and one on one sessions as well as online coaching services.

Sun, May 26—12:00-1:00pm—Main Hall


Daniel Yehuda is a singer and strummer who embodies Jewish life and values and Zionism, and most importantly, music that uplifts the soul. He comes bearing a deep love for Israel and its music, welcoming you to sing along with the best loved Israeli and Jewish music that we all know and appreciate. Already having inspired Jewish communities in 5 continents, Daniel Yehuda arrives now to our Whole Health community! He can't wait to join us doing the thing he loves most–making people happy. You can visit his site at: danielyehuda.co.il.

Mon, May 27—8:00-9:00pm—Main Hall

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Join this four-part workshop to connect to your inner voice via dreams and the symbolic. This workshop will provide experiential exercises to encourage day and night journeying to our true selves. It is from the depths of this soul-work that the creative process emerges. Participants will be encouraged to bring their own dreams and/or dream images and favorite symbols. Together we will work at meeting the messages of self and soul.

Sunday night, participants will be treated to a short introduction before bed. They will choose an image to represent their wishes for the retreat. Together we will meditate on the image, welcoming the contributions of the night sea journey.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings participants are invited to return for an hour-long experiential workshop on dreams. Even if you do not have a dream, please come, as we will relate as a group to the dreams of others as spring-boards for our growth and inner process.

Dr. Robin B. Zeiger, Ph.D. is a certified Jungian analyst and licensed clinical psychologist. She received her Ph.D. in 1985 from the University of Illinois at Chicago in clinical and social psychology. Robin is in private practice

Mon, Tue, Wed, May 26-27-28—9:00-10:00am—Studio