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Amy Michelle was diagnosed with autism at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio (USA) in 1999. This followed over a decade of false determinations of communications disorders and speech/language/learning disabilities, finally concluding in an autistic (not Aspergers) diagnosis. Amy went on to graduate from Harvard University in 2011 at age 31, a journey made harder by resistance from her parents and no financial support. Amy’s avid interest in science led her to fashion interventions for herself over many years. These included a large variety of speech and language mediations, dietary intercessions and eventually the design and fabrication of two pairs of glasses in order to make processing written language less challenging, something she no longer needs. Amy’s talk will present an understanding of what it feels like to be autistic and practical advice in how to access the advantages of autism, including how communication can work best for autistic people.


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Spiritual Healing
In this presentation, Mordechai David Naseck will share how one can heal from physical, mental and emotional imbalances, diseases and disorders by accessing points beyond both one’s mind and subconscious mind, directly into one’s deep heart and soul where we may experience a direct experience of the Divine within. Mordechai David shares ancient holy practices to allow access to the secrets locked within. Through the sharing of scientific experiments, stories, anecdotes, and metaphors, Mordechai David takes us into the depths of spiritual understanding of the mind-body-emotion-soul connection. Spiritual Healing participants leave feeling intrigued, inspired and open to delve deeper within.

Mordechai David Naseck’s signature presentations are globally acclaimed at the world’s leading destination spas, resorts, retreat centers, summits, medical centers, health & wellness expos, conventions and conferences.

“Mordechai David, the ability to profoundly impact a life or ease another person’s pain is truly a gift. You are to be commended for sharing your knowledge and skill in such a meaningful way. Establishing genuine warmth and rapport with guests has an undeniable effect on positive, physical outcomes and I thank you for making that connection.

~ Mel Zuckerman, Founder, Canyon Ranch Health Resorts”

“Mordechai David Naseck is one of those truly rare individuals who not only understands the nature of energy and spirit–he lives fully driven by that awareness. Not only does Mordechai David have a tremendous gift as a healer but he remains ever committed to deepening his knowledge, his talent, and his personal path of growth. Mordechai David can do more than teach you about ‘thinking outside the box.’ His incredible depth of experience and passion for his work will help you to create boundless vitality and meaning in a life outside the box. There is no question, Mordechai David’s work can take you places you have never been before!”

~Jonathan Ellerby Ph.D., Bst Selling Hay House Author, Former Spiritual Program Director Canyon Ranch Health Resorts, Founding CEO for Tao Center for Inspired Living

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Mordechai David Naseck is an internationally known teacher, healer, shaman, yogi, mystic, reiki master, Sufi and holistic health and business consultant. Well known for facilitating life changing experiences, Mordechai David has been featured on television and radio both nationally and internationally. While pursuing his global quest for health, vitality, longevity and spiritual enlightenment, Mordechai David has studied with many masters of the world’s traditions and religions. He has presented at the world’s top resorts, spas, institutes, and centers including Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Miraval Life in Balance Resort, Kripalu Center forYoga & Health, The Omega Institute, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, The Ann Wigmore Institute & Foundation, Ascent of Tzfat, as well as aboard the world’s most famous ocean liner, Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. Most recently Mordechai David studied Kabbalah in the Holy Land’s mystical city of Tzfat where Kabbalah has very deep roots. Mordechai David makes his home in Israel with his beautiful wife Elina.


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Allergy Testing–Tolerance & Sensitivity to Food

Understanding how your body handles food is the path to optimal health. Many conditions are caused by our body’s inability to handle various foods. Discovering what foods are good for you enables both physical and mental health. Dr. Anders Nerman has worked for years in the field of food tolerance testing. He’s found that specific foods can be problematic for an individual, and that once identified, healing is much more accessible. Learn how eating the correct food can have an almost immediate impact for a healthy body. Healthy food does not always mean right for you.

Dr. Anders Nerman, N.D. is a Canadian-trained, licensed (non-practicing) & board-certifiedNaturopathic doctor. Dr. Nerman graduated in 2012 from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, one of six accredited naturopathic colleges in North America. He promotes evidence-based natural integrated medicine with a focus on preventative medicine and nutrition. His  focus is in the treatment of digestive disorders such as IBS and SIBO, food and environmental allergies, chronic fatigue, acute and chronic pain, fibromyalgia, traumatic brain injury, weight loss, sports injury and pediatric care. He is the exclusive provider of IgG Food Allergy/Sensitivity Blood Testing in Jerusalem.  www.drnerman.com 


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Hannah Roen, LMT specializes in the healing of chronic and acute health conditions, infertility, medically incurable conditions, children’s conditions such as ADD, disabilities, hyperactivity, OCD and other chronic conditions. Bring your questions for answers to all your health issues.

What's Wrong with You? Causes and Solutions for Chronic Health Problems
Understanding Causes and Solutions for Chronic Health Conditions Hannah shares her personal healing stories of serious conditions, while going in depth into the Ancient Chinese 5-Element model for understanding human health. When we know the source of illnesses, then we can determine solutions. We are meant to heal disease, not to keep it. Each illness carries a message, and the healing process brings gifts of wisdom and growth. Hannah will share an easy self-care routine to boost the health of the internal organs.



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Ellen Rosen Senor is an aromatherapist, facial yoga instructor and permaculture designer. In 2009 Ellen initiated the Ellen Rose Botanical Beauty line of hand-crafted aromatherapeutic skin care. Ellen’s purpose and passion is whole-istic natural beauty and health solutions for every challenge. She has devoted years of study and daily use to aromatherapy, yoga and reiki. Inspired by Permaculture – sustainable living—she grows vegetables & fruits, builds and teaches earthworm farms for children, composts tirelessly, and observes the miracles of nature with awe and respect. Ellen firmly believes in education for sustainability in all forms and in taking action on behalf of the planet that we call home.

Facial Yoga
This class offers instruction in a holistic facelift–no chemicals, no surgery, no nonsense. Muscles properly toned and facial exercises performed in the right combination impart a powerful, elegant and balanced build to the face. Join us to learn the secrets of a natural face lift.


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Becky became interested in positive thinking and self-awareness after moving from Chile to Israel at age 16. She suddenly had to transition to life in a new country, a childhood blow to her self-confidence and creativity. As a young mother and wife she found herself unhappy and full of anger. Her body began to express her suffering as her right leg shortened from childhood polio that doctors had declared cured. She endured debilitating back pain coupled with digestive resistance to frequent painkillers. 

Investigating methods for self-healing, Becky quickly understood that personal reality stems from our own thoughts. A workshop based on the positive thinking methods of Louise Hay taught her to stop blaming herself and empower change. Feelings of failure gradually disappeared. She listened to her pain to understand its message, choosing to embrace supportive and positive thoughts. 

Today Becky takes no pain medication and walks without a limp. She provides a true mirror of deep listening and simple guidance that offers solutions. Becky Rothstein is Israel's only authorized teacher trainer in the positive thinking methods of Louise Hay. Over 30 years of experience allow her to precisely identify the issues that plague people and teach them to find their answers inside.

One-day workshops, Wednesday, May 9th

  • Self Empowerment  9:00-10:00am
    There are only two possibilities in life–either you manage your mind or it manages you. Embrace the power of your mind. 
  • Pay Offs  10:30-11:30am
    What’s It Worth to You? There’s a price to living unaware. We suffer in body/mind/soul. Awareness brings choice.
  • Decisions:  Make Up Your Mind  2:30-4:00pm
    Either way you choose, it’s always a lesson. You can enjoy the process.
  • Forgiveness:  How to Let Go 4:30-6:00pm
    How would it feel to relax and accept others just as they are? …to accept the world just as it is? …to let yourself be yourself?


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Swami Yogaratna was initiated into Sannyas in 1985. She served in Bangalore branch of Bihar School of Yoga and Ganga Darshan Main Ashram for 20 years learning and teaching the A-Z of Satyananda Bihar Yoga, Children, Women, Therapy and Advanced yogas and Meditations from the Tantras, and running the ashram, editing its newsletter, initiating a reforestation project and giving programs in and outside in South India. Swamiji is best known for her favourites: Yoga Nidra, Advanced Yoga Nidra and Yoga Nidra Teacher’s Training. With over 34 years yoga experience, she now has her own small ashram Shankar Prasad in Gokarna, India, near Goa, with an English medium Play School and organic farm and Seva Sangha (volunteer unit). You are welcome to visit. See www.shankarprasad.org.in and FB Shankar Prasad Yoga and Meditation.

Psychic Sleep–called Yogic Dreaming–is a much loved technique of Satyananda Bihar School. It includes systematically, step by step, going from the outer world of sounds, through body, breath, mind and deep subconscious, releasing tensions & negativity, awakening positivity, connecting to our Higher Self and returning fresh & happy. 

The class will include a yoga nidra session, taking the subconscious on a journey. If time permits, a sitting meditation from the Satyananda Bihar School tradition will be included. Please come on time!


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Judy Shafarman has been a journal writer, teacher and workshop facilitator for over 30 years. She has a BA in English and an MA in education and has taught in West Africa, North America, South Korea, and the Mideast in universities, colleges, businesses, conference halls and many other venues.


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Navah Shemesh has been a Feldenkreis practitioner since 1991 in Israel and abroad. She specializes in back issues such as a slipped disc, and other ailments. She has worked in the Muchedet Clinic since 1997.

Workshop: Navah will share with you deep and profound knowledge relating to the function of the back while siting on a chair, bending over and getting up. Come join Navah’s class if you want to be friendly to your back.




Shoshana Shinnar is certified as a personal trainer with a specialization in arthritis care.  Her private practice in mobility training is called OW-to-WOW.  She teaches simple exercises using everyday household items that restore mobility, balance, strength and endurance. In this class we will perform easy exercises that help you regain what you may have lost.  No equipment needed. 




Professor Itzchak Slotki is Medical Director of Afek Medical Center, Jerusalem and heads the dialysis unit at Hod Amal Medical Center in Ma’ale Adummim. He conducts nephrology out-patient clinics for all four health funds. Professor Slotki, who did his medical training in the UK and made Aliyah with his wife and family in December 1980, retired at the end of 2017 as Director of the Division of Adult Nephrology at Sha’are Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem. He served as Director for 19 of over 37 years practice at Shaare Zedek. From 2008-11 he was President of the Israeli Society of Nephrology and Hypertension and for the last 4 years has served as Secretary of the Nephrology sub-section of the European Union Medical Section. He has taught medical students and residents throughout his career both in the UK and Israel and has published extensively in medical literature. He became interested in holistic health care whilst on sabbatical in Boston, MA in the late 1980s, when he noticed that eating a plant-based macrobiotic diet made his mind clearer, enabling greater focus and productivity and generally leading to greater well-being.

Kiss Your Kidneys: This talk will focus on the workings of the kidney according to both conventional physiology and traditional Chinese medicine. He will outline the common causes of kidney disease and, in particular, he will emphasize the role of a healthy lifestyle in promoting and maintaining kidney health.




Gayle Stolove is a registered nurse, licensed massage therapist, natural foods chef, and macrobiotic educator. She lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she owns and operates Wholly Macro, offering macrobiotic based meal delivery, private chef services, cooking classes, catering, shiatsu massage, and natural lifestyle health consultations. In 1996, she became seriously ill with metastatic breast cancer, and embarked on a remarkable healing journey. Gayle has taught natural foods cooking classes at numerous cancer research and support centers.

Visit Gayle at www.whollymacrobiotics.com

Wholly Macro Desserts
Is there life without dessert? “Wholly Macro” definitely does not think so! Here in this ancient land of Israel, and historically from time eternal, desserts were always an integral part of every great culture, bringing great pleasure and joy. Join Gayle Stolove, head dessert chef at Wholly Macro, as she shows you how to use beautiful, natural, fresh, healthy, local, and seasonal foods to create totally delicious, easy to prepare desserts to make your taste buds dance with joy. Once you learn a few fun basics, you can nurture yourself and everyone in your life with amazing, all natural desserts. The possibilities are endless, and we want to tell you ALL about it! 




Yuval Teren is a Mind Reader and Coach who began his career at the tender age of five in magic, telepathy and illusion. At the time he was considered the youngest magician in Israel. At nine, Yuval recognized his intuitive abilities to read thoughts. He currently serves in the IDF as a military mind reader - the first and only IDF soldier to ever serve in this position!

Yuval presents a unique mind reading show revealing people’s past, present and future, from their lucky number to their deepest secrets! But don’t worry, he knows what he can reveal in a show and what should stay a secret!


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The Essential Life: Foundational Support for Mind, Body and Soul

10 Foundational Essential Oils and How to Use Them
Why do we choose essential oils as a form of natural healing? In this short class we will discuss what, why and how to use and incorporate essentials oils into every day life. We will talk about the importance of foundational healing as opposed to just treating symptoms, why purity and potency are so important, and what to watch out for when buying and using essential oils. Class participants will have the opportunity to smell, taste and topically absorb different oils as Avigayil talks about how to use them for health, mood, cooking, gardening and more. Handouts will be available at the vendor table with recipes, useful tips and more opportunities to experience the oils.

“Essential oils have always had some part in my life over the years, and since my brain surgery in 2011 and in my work as a massage therapist they have become a vital healing aspect. I had been searching for solutions to pain, brain fogginess and confusion, dizziness, memory issues and tremors, including chronic fatigue since a young child. I have found those solutions in essential oils. As one might imagine, my massage clients love the smell and effect of the oils, and many go home with their own supply to share with their families.”


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“Who Takes Credit for Longevity?”
Everybody knows that life expectancy has improved in the current era. There are many theories as to why this is. But the real reasons have remained a well-kept secret from most of modern society. Find out the true reasons for longevity today and throughout history, and what you can do to apply these principles to your life. 

Yael Tusk, M.Sc., is trained in designing and evaluating scientific studies, and specializes in researching and debunking scientific myths. In addition to investigating and writing, she is a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine in Jerusalem, where she has been treating both adults and children for over a decade. Look out for her book: "Health: A Natural Approach.” More information about the services she offers at the Center for Natural Medicine can be found at www.yaeltusk.com.


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Shoham Wajsman is a master teacher with the Israel Feng Shui Academy and expert in Chinese Astrology. She has been practicing the art of Feng Shui since 1996. Shoham has trained over 500 practitioners and given myriad private consultations over the last 22 years. Shoham was trained by masters from the far east like Professor Geng Ziang Zen, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hay, Mater Reymond Lo, and Roger Green, among others. 

The Inner and Outer Home
We live most of our lives indoors. What is the influence of indoor energy on our health, sleep and relationships? Does that energy change with time and can we improve its influence?

Feng Shui expert Shoham Wajsman brings the ancient teachings of antiquity to the Whole Health Forum to explain the forces that effect our lives through the inanimate world of houses and objects, which actually are full of life and mystery.

The knowledge of Feng Shui was developed 4500 years ago during the period of the Yellow Emperor. This Eastern holistic approach that views man as one with his environment brought us the secrets of “Feng Shui,” literally Wind & Water. It remains practical and useful information to this day. This great understanding brings techniques and formulae to communicate with our surroundings in the language of form, color and material.




Abby is a noted lecturer and marriage counselor (BS Stern College, MS Azrieli School of Jewish Education, MSW Fordham Graduate School of Social Services) with a private practice in Jerusalem and Ramat Bet Shemesh. With additional certification from the Neve Yerushalayim Family Institute and Bar Ilan University’s Sex Therapy Training Program, Abby’s areas of expertise include couples counseling, Bride Classes and individual psychotherapy.

Abby is a leading expert on issues of marriage and intimacy within the Jewish community and writes for the Times of Israel, has been profiled in the Jerusalem Post and is a featured expert on “With All Your Heart” hosted by Chana Deutsch.

Through her website JewishIntimacy.com, Abby offers Orthodox couples educational resources to create deeper connections with their spouse and improve harmony at home. Abby has traveled throughout Israel and North America to speak in synagogues, schools and private homes about healthy intimacy and sexuality, offering hopeful and helpful tools for Jewish marriages.

She produced a six part video series “Secrets: Judaism’s Whole and Holy Approach to Intimacy” that features Torah sources and practical advice in intimacy counseling and sex therapy from a Jewish perspective. Abby connects immediately and deeply with her audiences. She is comfortable speaking to mixed groups, women’s or teenage groups about healthy body image and healthy sexuality.

Connecting With Your Body, Connecting With Your Spouse
Please join us as we embark upon a journey of discovery about the unique female body. I welcome you to begin to understand your own physical and emotional arousal for yourself as well as how it relates to your spouse/partner. Together we will explore the Body/Mind connection that exists for each individual and how it impacts your intimate relationships. 




Lucy Yaes is originally from Turkey and made an Aliyah in 2010. She is a certified Heal Your Life Teacher and Life Coach based on the philosophy of Louise Hay. Heal Your Life is a globally known coaching practice. Lucy organizes life-changing workshops and one on one sessions.

Loving Life, Loving Self - Sunday, 9am
We create our lives with our thinking. By identifying unwanted messages and beliefs from our past we can unlock and release them as we open ourselves to change. Lucy offers support to empower courage, compassion and connection through self love and self care. Together with you she will share a number of tools and techniques to create deeper access to love, joy and freedom as you set your intentions for the moment, the day or the week at the Forum. 

Expectations of Life - Thursday, 2:30 - 4:00pm
This class is an opportunity to reflect on your experience at the Whole Health Forum, whether it be for a day or a week. What is your take-away idea? How would you like to amend or mend your life? Will you be able to put into practice what you saw and heard here? Lucy will guide us in reflecting on our experience and taking the next step.




Living the life of an ardent peacemaker, Hanna Yaffe uses music and stories to create healing,  love and unity. Hanna frequently presents Jewish stories and music with Muslim and Christian musicians and storytellers. “Lullabies from Jerusalem” and “Birth in a Time of Bloodshed” are Hanna’s award winning CDs. She has been a humanist and spiritual peace activist since her teens. Born in London, she practices an observant Jewish lifestyle, regularly leading prayers at her synagogue, and is the vocalist with a Haredi women's band. Hanna lives in Jerusalem with her husband and adored grandchildren.

Story has been used for generations to convey spiritual ideas and profound truths. The message that Hanna Yaffe wants to share is that of nurturing HOPE in a time of challenge. She'll be very happy if everyone leaves happier and more relaxed than when they arrived. To this end she will speak about life as a religious woman taking small steps towards peace in Jerusalem. Hanna will be telling stories and singing lullabies from troubled places in the desire to experience compassion and empathy in our hearts. She’ll sing lullabies in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, and German. This is an evening about tools to nurture and heal ourselves and our communities.