Macrobiotic Services


macrobiotic consultation

A macrobiotic health consultation is a personal session that focuses on specific health and life style concerns in following a macrobiotic way of life.   The session begins with an extensive evaluation based on visual diagnosis, symptomatic history, personal needs and past lifestyle.  Specific recommendations describe a healthy way of life according to macrobiotic understanding, including dietary practice and energy flow.  These concepts have been practiced traditionally throughout the world with great success in correcting many conditions of health. We make no guarantee concerning the amelioration of your particular challenges, but if you wish to learn how to enjoy and benefit from our recommendations, we would be pleased to assist you.

Health Consultation: ₪350

study seminars

Residential seminars are comprehensive study programs in English or Hebrew for students of macrobiotics.  Attendance may be for one or more days. In-depth macrobiotic study includes cooking classes, macrobiotic cosmology and philosophy, visual diagnosis, personal guidance, do-in, self massage and shiatsu therapy.

cooking lessons

Learn macrobiotic cooking from basics to advanced technique based on yin-yang principles of meal planning and preparation.  Lessons are geared toward the particular condition of the client, whether reversing a life threatening health condition or accommodating new mothers, children, working people or those seeking to maintain good health.  Both individual and group lessons are available as well as children's classes.

Cooking Class: ₪90 per hour; ₪270 for a 3-hour class


Classes in macrobiotic theory cover a wide range of interrelated subjects, including the study of yin and yang, the seven principles of the infinite universe and twelve theorems of change, the traditional Chinese medical theory of five transformations, the seven levels of judgment,  visual diagnosis—face, palm, eyes, voice, posture, etc.--and counselor training.  Classes, whether individual or group, are developed according to the personal interests of the students.


Join us for a spa day!   Enjoy professional macrobiotic culinary expertise, good conversation, leisure time, walks and relaxation in one of the world's most beautiful cities. Jerusalem offers you city life with sightseeing opportunities second to none.  Accommodations for overnight stays are available.  We are a home away from home.

BnB: 1-2 people: ₪200 per night; 3 people: ₪250 per night; 4 people: ₪300/night


Do you have a health condition that needs careful dietary balance?  Do you need a break from the routine of self care?  Could you benefit from clarification and support on your macrobiotic path?  Are you confused, or even overwhelmed?  We provide total health supervision for your macrobiotic needs, including food preparation, menu planning, seasonal cooking, medicinal home remedies, plasters, poultices and body work.  Bring your dietary recommendations with you and we will help you to understand and implement them.  This follow up program can be for one or several people, and is geared towards each individual.


We cater for private individuals and group functions, presenting macrobiotic dishes to suit both simple or connoisseur tastes.  Our specialty is healing gourmet cuisine!


We have an extensive macrobiotic library that includes hundred of titles collected over several decades. Use of our library is available to all our clients without charge. 

home food processing

We make several macrobiotic specialty items on a regular basis to provide ourselves and others with these otherwise unavailable products.  These include natto, amasake, rice kayu bread,  seitan, pickles, and by special request, tofu and tempeh.  We also provide workshops in home food processing techniques.

special dishes

We could fill endless pages with recipes of the many dishes that we make, but we will focus only on those special dishes that we love, or that our many friends request us to include.


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