Life Coaching


Life coaching is a process of assisting you to clarify and realize your personal goals.  As a life coach, I use a variety of methods, personally tailored to each client, to advance towards setting and reaching these goals.    Coaching is not psychological therapy, and I am not a psychologist.  I am a deeply caring individual with eight decades of life wisdom and many tools for effective coaching:

1. Numerology
An individual numerology reading is based upon your birth name and birthday.  It provides deep insight into personality and character traits to know your chosen path in this lifetime.  I can discern the specific energies that form your strengths, weaknesses, innermost needs, emotional make up and inherent talents.  Each energy pattern creates behavior that is specific to you.  Furthermore, I can determine whether these energies are inherently balanced, providing a clear sense of each behavior’s intensity or strength.  In short, numerology allows me to clarify your true identity within a few minutes, in contrast to the laborious and protracted process of conventional psychotherapy.  These insights then form the basis of our work together, letting me coach you in easy unfolding.  My book, Getting To Know You, (available on this website) is a detailed study of the mechanics of numerology, based on thousands of individual readings I've conducted personally. 

2. Law of Attraction:
The universal Law of Attraction affirms: What you think, you get.  This is always true, whether you want the object of your attention or not.   Thoughts become things. 

For example, when you focus your thoughts on pain and distress, the Universe (God) gives you more dis-ease in a downward spiral of suffering.  When you focus on well-being, finding a moment when the pain subsides to redirect your thoughts, you will attract health and joy.  The key is to hold a vision of yourself thriving in good health, feeling your love of others and your pleasure in life.  

In relationships, when you focus on positive aspects of those around you and consistently express appreciation and gratitude towards your mate, children, parents, coworkers and friends, you feel wonderful.  The people in your life will respond to this vibration and your relationships will improve. 

The most important thing is to feel good, which indicates that you are connected to source energy, your true self.  You do this by envisioning what you desire rather than what is.

My deep understanding and continuing experience in practicing the Law of Attraction enables me to direct you toward the life you want—whether it be abundance, love, career or relationships.  You can have it all!

3. Intuition:
I am, by nature, a perceptive person, able to sense my partner in conversation.  Together with the information available to me from numerology and the uplifting encouragement inherent in the Law of Attraction, I am able to form a close personal connection of trust and clarity of goals in a short time.   Whether you choose a step-by-step attitude or a quantum leap, you will be uplifted and encouraged.     Previous clients have agreed to recount their experiences in coaching with me, at your request.  I look forward to a rewarding and mutually inspirational relationship. 


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