Vendors at the Whole health forum display their wares to more than 200 people over the course of a week.

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Lila designs unique styles with the opulence of Indian fabrics, its colorful and spectacular prints and rich embroideries. Our cloths are made mainly from cotton and other natural fabrics, some of them organic, hand printed and with natural colors. Tunics, dresses, gallabias, and more in sizes 36-56. We also have men's clothing.

The clothes will be available at the Forum on Sunday and Monday, May 21-22

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Nechama will be selling canvas prints of her paintings , her books, The Twelve Dimensions of Israel, Israel and The Seventy Dimensions of the World and The Princess of Dan,  and two harp instrumental CD's"Israel and the World in Harmony" , and "The Twelve Dimensions of Israel."

pearl koelewyn

  • Hand-made jewelry
  • Costume and semi-precious, including pearls
  • Hand-knotted pearl stringing
  • Competitive prices

Pearl will be available at the forum all day Monday, May 22nd. Pearl can be contacted at



Artist-Ceramicist, Sara has been creating her delightful ceramic pieces for over 14 years.

Sara will  be joining us again this year with her delightful ceramics as they adorn our buffet.

All items are lead free, micro and oven safe.  Delicatessing on her homemade tableware adds to our

well being with color and joy.

Sara's ceramics will be used for serving food at the forum; they will also be displayed and offered for sale during all the five days of the forum. 

Contact Sara at: