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Michelle Anne was trained at Cape Reflexology College in South Africa. With 18 years of experience she uses her skills to improve quality of life. She made her home in Israel in 2002 and is raising two wonderful teenagers and yes! Reflexology is great for calming the nerves of both parents and hormonally challenged teens!

Experience Reflexology from Mother Nature in a Barefoot walk on stones, grass, sand and wood. Connecting to the Earth's natural energy in this way is called Grounding or Earthing and can diminish chronic pain, fatigue and other ailments that plague so many of us today. When our feet come in contact with the earth, free electrons are taken up into the body. They help neutralise the damaging excess free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease. With the development of synthetic soles, the rapid advances in technology and our modern fast-paced lifestyles, many of us have become separated from our basic bond with mother Earth.

I invite you learn about the basic principles of reflexology and let's take off our shoes and reconnect, to the Earth and to ourselves.


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The incense world may be as ancient as the human use of fire, entwined into cultures for healing, cleansing, temples, meditation, prayer and more. My life is dedicated to exploring creation’s botanical wonders and unique ways to benefit from their medicinal value.


In this class we will identify key smells from our lives for an understanding of what incense is & how it works in us and our surroundings. We’ll explore the difference between the use of natural resins and alchemically combined incense. We’ll experience incense blindfolded, a practice that awakens the most primal part of our brain, taking us deep into ourselves to unfurl feelings and memories and reconnect to our present state on all levels.

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Selma Braier’s penchant for art began at a young age with drawing, painting and handicrafts. It naturally followed for her to study in the School of Arts in the Universidad Catholica in her  native Lima, Peru. In Israel she began her study of graphic arts in Jerusalem’s Betzalel Academy in 1979. Selma completed a degree in the history of art and geography at the Hebrew University. In 1990 she learned co-counseling, a self awareness technique she has taught since. In 1999 she discovered art therapy, a profession that combines her talents of both art and therapy. She completed studies at David Yellin teacher’s college and has worked as an art therapist since. Selma teaches art as a way to connect to creativity, exposing her students to fine arts techniques in their process of self-discovery.

Artistic Self Discovery
As an art therapist Selma recognizes the arts as one of our biggest sources of joy and self connection. She facilitates enjoyment, play and discovery in people not necessarily experienced in plastic arts. In this workshop Selma will introduce you to a self-discovery process through the medium of art.


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Nechama Sarah Gila is an author, artist, musician and teacher living in Israel for 35 years. She has 22 years of experience in her personal development program of movement, music, Torah sources, journaling and positive affirmations to achieve clarity, calmness and connectedness. Nechama Sarah Gila has written two books based on extensive research from both the written and oral Torah, especially the Kaballah of the Ari z”l and her meditations in the land of Israel on the Twelve Tribes. 

The Twelve Tribe Kaballah Experimental Healing
This workshop brings the teachings of Chassidism and Kabbalah to practical healing. The emphasis of this unique inner work is to access the spiritual function of each of our twelve evarim (body parts). Each evar corresponds to a specific tribe, month, hoosh (sense), permutation of G-d’s 4-lettered name, mazal, simple letter etc.  After teaching about each particular dimension, Nechama leads a creative movement experience accompanied by her original harp music. This deep inner work enhances creativity, spiritual wellness and clarity to actualize our soul’s purpose in this world. 


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Hannah Camhi is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbal practitioner. She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego California, in 2004. Hannah specializes in Japanese acupuncture integrating her private practice in nutrition, Chinese herbal remedies, moxibustion and acupressure. She worked in San Diego for four years in a clinic with other practitioners before aliya making in 2007. Hannah opened a community clinic in Hadera with another acupuncturist and has a successful private practice in Zichron Yaacov where she treats people with all kinds of imbalances including acute and chronic pain, gastrointestinal problems, woman’s health, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular problems, insomnia, depression and more.

Mugwort Moxibustion
Hanna will talk about the practical use of Mugwort moxibustion for calming the nervous system and strengthening the immune system. She will demonstrate different types of moxa and their application, and will have participants practice on each other.


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Tzipporah Sarah Eisen is a certified Yoga and Nia instructor who is passionate about everything to do with the expressive arts, music, movement, body-centered anything, healing and wellness. She believes dancing is a sacred path to ecstasy and joyful soul expression. Tzipporah enjoys sharing her love of movement with others so that everyone can feel better!  On the side she also works as a grant writer and is a mother of three blessed vilda chayas. 

Energize your Body and Soul with Nia Movement! (Women only)
Nia is a powerful sensation-based experience that is expressive, FUN and healing.  Inspired by music from around the world and 9 movement forms including dance (Jazz/Modern/Duncan), martial arts (Tae Kwon Doe/Aikido,/Tai Chi) and therapeutic movement (Yoga/Alexander technique/Feldenskrais), Nia creates a dynamic and highly versatile practice.  The dance-movement experience leaves one energized, mentally clear and emotionally balanced.

Nia is non-impact,  accessible to every body type and adaptable to different levels of intensity. No previous dance experience is required–just bring your dancing feet.



After graduating from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in 1964, Dr. Feinerman took residency training in plastic surgery. He served in U.S. Army Medical Corps, including a year with the corps in Viet Nam. He later practiced plastic surgery in Atlanta, GA for 12 years and is now retired after 25 years of active practice in Israel.

Frustrated with the conventional options for improving his own medical issue of osteoarthritis, the good doctor adopted a holistic approach to good nutrition. This then led him to macrobiotics as a solution. Intensive self-education was augmented by study at the Kushi Institute for macrobiotics.




Esther Frumkin has studied macrobiotic cooking with many teachers over the past 2 decades, including Ginat Rice. She periodically cooks macrobiotic food for clients and teaches macrobiotic/vegan cooking classes. She is also a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalist. In her practice, she combines herbal treatments with nutritional counseling.

In this class, we will demonstrate how to strengthen the body’s energy by cooking in ways that support digestion. We will focus on various methods of vegetable preparation to this end including several kinds of pickles, boiled salad, greens rolls, pressed salad, nishime-style vegetables and brine pickles. 


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Galia invites us to sit comfortably, close our eyes and take a deep breath towards an inner journey of magical sounds. The expanding quiet amongst us leads to deep inner calm, an inward and outward connection to ourselves in a new way. A space opens for healing and realization of our dreams as we return to our original inner harmony in our bodies, minds, and feelings. As in days of antiquity, we discover our future life. Each of us has his own inner rhythm returning us homeward. Galia’s healing music allow us to touch the sounds of crystals, Indian flutes, drums and vibration and discover our personal sound.

Galia has been involved in healing therapy for over 10 years. With deep self healing she has succeeded in freeing her own inner knowing, widening her ability to listen and to hear, and to open gateways into worlds of fascination.

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Energy Ball for Self-Healing 
Inside each of us is an enormous healing power that knows how to repair and care for the physical body, emotions and mental capacity. Accessing and knowing how to utilize your healing potential is an art! An energy ball gives you an easy access. It is simple to create and allows access to internal communication. The results are feeling stronger and more connected to your true self. Some of the many purposes of the energy ball are relaxation, deep sleep, meditation, nurturing spiritual connection and extending blessings to others.

Jeff Goldstein is an alternative trauma therapist in Jerusalem specializing in the methods of Attunement and Somatic Experiencing®.

Visit Jeff at
or contact him at 052-655-7195




Jeanne is a Natural Health Specialist in Los Angeles, California who focuses her teachings and guidance on the principles of macrobiotics for better health and longevity. Jeanne is also a Kundalini yoga teacher. Her company, 7th Element Services, offers a weekly meal service and a cleanse program and classes throughout the year. She is the Retreat Director for the Vegetarian Educational Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading a plant based diet for happy, healthier lives and carrying forward the tradition of the French Meadows Summer Camp by the George Oshawa Macrobiotic Foundation. Jeanne is passionately working for one peaceful world, one day at a time.

"Rise Up with Tree Energy"

Explore the upward, rising force of Tree energy within the Five Transformations. Motive, inspire creativity and nourish your body with foods that nurture the liver and gallbladder. Spring cleansing, detox tips and more.

Sunday: May 26, 2019; 5:00-6:30 PM

“Summer, the Energy of Fire”

Summer is a busy time of year. High energy is moving in all directions in the natural world. Learn how to balance your diet and lifestyle with the natural world around you for an active, harmonious life.

Monday: May 27, 2019; 5:00-6:30 PM

“Grounding & Comforting–Earth’s Downward Soil Energy”

This is the season of late summer with its last days of heat before autumn arrives. Energy shifts downward to ground us as the natural world calms down. This time of year is perfect for balancing blood sugar. This class will focus on how to do that naturally through diet and lifestyle.

Tuesday: May 28, 2019; 5:00-6:30 PM

“Strengthen Metal Energy–Nurture Our Lungs and the Large Intestine."

“The Metal Energy of the Five Transformations encompasses the Fall, when autumn has arrived and leaves detach from the trees. Our focus moves inward with the cooler months as nature slows down and energy travels inward. It’s a time of condensing and preparing for winter months ahead.That’s what we’ll learn in this class.

Wednesday: May 29, 2019; 5:00-6:30 PM

“Water Transformation Kidneys Give Us a New Sense of Direction”

When our kidneys are strong and the water transformation of energy in the body is in balance we have a sound sense of direction. Decisions are easier to make, and we go with the flow. We’ll focus on this contemplative, floating energy for reflection, embracing balance to create harmony naturally.Sunday: May 26, 2019; 5:00-6:30 PM

Thursday: May 30, 2019; 5:00-6:30 PM

Secrets of the Magical Umeboshi Plum - Friday 9-10am
The umeboshi plum is a universal home remedy noted for its alkaline properties, supporting the immune system, boosting digestion and so much more. Learn simple home remedies that are highly effective for the common cold to serious illness and safe for most conditions and people.

Jeanne will be offering personal Macrobiotic Guidance Sessions & a special deal on her Body Reset Cleanse program at the event...

Contact Jeanne via Email -


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Simcha Hoffman is an integrative nutrition health coach and healthy chef.  She is the former manager and chef at the organic café of Zemora Organi in Jerusalem. Simcha began studying macrobiotic cooking in 1994 and ran her own sushi business for several years. She supports her clients in making positive life transformational changes through food and other lifestyle changes tailored to their individual needs. 

Wrap & Roll with Simcha
This is a hands-on integrative class where participants will learn to prepare wholesome wholegrain sushi and spring rolls. Participants will be given recipe handouts and delicious tastings!


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Lymphatic Facial Massage tones your skin and deeply relaxes your facial muscles, releasing tension and facilitating profound calm and equilibrium. Learn to tone, relax and rejuvenate your skin and release tension throughout your body as you treat yourself or someone else. All welcome!

Spa Day
Avital Katz offers individual Lymphatic Facial Massage mini-sessions along with other methods to effectively release tension.




Chana Rachel began to practice Macrobiotics back in 1983 and has taught cooking classes in vegan macrobiotics, vegetarian and vegan food preparation. For many years she attended macrobiotic and vegetarian events sponsored by the Kushi Institute, studied there with a number of renowned teachers, and has also worked at the North American Vegetarian Society conferences and French Meadows Summer Camp. Chana Rachel has counseled clients in Macrobiotics and has given cooking classes.

After a 10 year break from her macrobiotic practice during at which time she practiced mainly raw foods (2003), she is now practicing what is known as Full Spectrum Macrobiotics. She is taking clients for consultations and giving cooking classes in the Jerusalem area. Chana Rachel is also a violinist, string instrument teacher and has directed orchestras in the U.S. and plays in a local Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

What's For Breakfast?
In this class, Chana Rachel will emphasize the preparation of breakfast according to the season and weather. How shall we start our day? This class includes tastings along with recipes and step by step instructions. 


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Pearl Koelewyn has been practicing Do-In and Yoga for more than 20 years, studying continuously in Jerusalem and her native Washington D.C.

Pearl works as a high school language teacher, incorporating classroom relaxation techniques to promote focus, calm and stress relief. She conducts Yoga workshops for both students and teachers and teaches Do-In and Yoga to special needs autistic students. Pearl has a passion for her students and devotes her energies to the education of Israeli youth.

Do-In is a self massage technique taught by the late Michio Kushi of the macrobiotic movement. Do-In concentrates on the extremities and spine, including head and face, fingers and feet with some attention to shoulders and back. This will be accompanied in Pearl's class by breathing techniques to promote relaxation and well-being, combined with the signature repetitive movements of Kundalini Yoga to get your blood circulating for health and well-being.


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Izabela brings Regression Therapy to the Forum, a process enabling us to address and transform the subconscious source of emotional issues and reclaim our true selves. She’ll demonstrate how to effectively implement change in our life, even in the face of trauma, a major obstacle to living our true potential.

Izabela Konwińska is gifted in both hypnosis and regression therapy, qualifying in Past Life Regression Therapy, UK. She is a member of the Spiritual Regression Therapists Association. Her profile can be found in the international directory. Izabela works in both the UK and her native Poland.

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Anton 1Tone presents a fine percussion instrument with a unique sound that leaves a positive impact on both player and environment. The sound resembles that of a string, with all its harmonics perfectly aligned to its fundamental vibration, the same way that a string instrument produces its long and harmonious sustain after being plucked or stroked. Anton imitates this behavior by careful tuning and design. Our ears no longer identify the natural metallic timbre as the drum’s tongues resonate more like strings.

Anton Koren established 1TONE in 2007. The first instruments built under this brand name were didgeridoos, a “single note” instruments that can play a wide variety of overtones, hence the name 1TONE. Next Anton was inspired to create a metal drum from an empty gas tank with tongue shaped cuts that he called, “steel tongue drum,” now the most common name for this instrument. Next came the “Eclipse Drum,” the first fine tuned tongue drum, a hybrid between the African tongue drum and the Caribbean steel pan with its partials tuned “inside” each note. This was a real breakthrough in the field, turning the steel tongue drum into a fine tuned instrument. The latest model is now the FunTone drum.



Yakira Lee is a highly intuitive master healer for more than 20 years. As founder of LifeChoice Consultant, she helps those that have experienced trauma, abuse and addictions and individuals needing help with life's challenges and/or relationships. Divinely inspired, she started pursuing her passion of helping people when she was a child. From age seven to 15 she “shadowed” her doctor grandfather and learned to “see” in the body, and “hear” the messages of organs. When she was diagnosed in the early 1990s with final stage liver cirrhosis and hypo-functioning pancreas, she augmented her grandfather’s wisdom with classes in natural healing techniques. She left her management career in 1994 to teach others how to discover “stuck places” (blocked energy), release reactive responses and realize new ways of living life proactively. When spirit and emotions are healed, optimal physical living can blossom and thrive.

Contact Yakira via Email:

In this fun filled interactive workshop you will learn to hear the body whispers, what your body aches are saying to you, what foods your body desires, the emotional roots of disease, how to live on a higher vibrational level and PROACTIVE POSITIVE LIVING. Awaken to greater ways to fine tune and realign the connection of your body, mind and soul. You will gain greater energy, deeper sleep, harmony with people and the ability to manifest abundance.

You will:

  • Develop a more positive mindset

  • Discover the roots of what is keeping you "stuck"

  • Maximize your strengths and learn to openly accept challenges

  • Take concrete steps towards your personal goals

  • Create balance between life, work, and all things in between

  • Transform your diet for optimal health and living

  • Build a stronger sense of self awareness


  • Release tension to experience deep relaxation

  • Improve circulation

  • Assist the body to detox

  • Ease muscle pain

  • Lessens the joint pains of arthritis

  • Relieve the pain of fibromyalgia


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Maureen Levy is an artist-writer-teacher-integrative psychotherapist with many years experience in education, mental health care and the arts. Improvisational comedy turned her life around to appreciate the profound benefits of play and laughter. Mo lives in Dublin, Ireland with her two large sons and dog, performing sporadically with a local Improv Troupe. 

Mo loves books, traveling, singing,  philosophy, conversation, photography, teaching and singing. She dreams of owning an Ice Cream Van to house her own Talk Radio Show. She has taught all kinds of things to all sorts of people in USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and most recently, Ghana.  She looks forward to bringing the joys of Improvisational Comedy to new-to-her people in a new-to-her country. 


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Chana Necha Lieberman is an ultra-orthodox woman with three children. She grew up in Stamford Hill (London), the centre of the largest Ashkenazi ultra-Orthodox Jewish and predominantly Hasidic community in Europe, often referred to as the, “square mile of piety.” The congregations often represent historical links with particular Eastern European Jewish communities such as Chana’s, a typically generous Hungarian household of "kokosh cakes" and "polotchintos." After her first baby was born Chana suffered hormonal abnormalities that led her to recognize the need to change her diet in order to have more children.

"You are what you eat,“ soon became, "You are what you digest,” and ultimately, "You are what you think.” After a complete turnaround, today Chana is passionate to spread the word. She feels strongly that nourishing ones mind and body can transform and upgrade the quality of life. Chana helps people accesses their inner power to reach seemingly elusive goals and happily embrace and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Dieting is not your fate! Discover and dissolve seemingly difficult dieting dilemmas as you recolonize your mind with constructive talk and harness your inner powers. This class is a short taster session of a comprehensive ten week program where we learn to feel good emotionally and physically, discover a rare positive twist on healthy lifestyle and become able to happily embrace a holistic, healthy lifestyle. This program is focused on nourishing your mind and body based on the philosophy, “You Can Heal Your Life.”


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Can't resist sweet food? Find it hard to stick to a diet? Do you eat when you're not even hungry? This EFT tapping workshop is for you. You will learn to use tapping to reduce cravings, eliminate emotional eating, take back control over food and be the weight you want to be.

Pearl Lopian made aliya in Feb 2017. She is a counsellor, EFT and NLP practitioner in practice for 10 years. As well as seeing clients privately she runs groups in weight issues and self help in stressful situations.