The art and science of palmistry is based on the understanding that the part reflects the whole.    This axiom is true for other parts of the body as well-the eyes, ears, face, hands and feet all mirror the complete self.

Palmistry is a convenient tool to assess both physical and psychological characteristics.    Each line on the hand has a specific correlation to parts of the body, which in turn relate to emotional and even spiritual facets.   A short horizontal line across the center of the palm, for example, reflects both a taut nervous system and the ability to handle stress.   A widely arching life line encircling the thumb reveals both digestive system strength and a love of adventure.

In short, our hands are the mirror of our mind and self, revealing our merits and the direction we are taking towards our destiny.   The passive hand reflects our constitutional tendencies, while the active hand used in writing indicates our current condition.   We are free to change this at will, and watch the lines of the palm as they change!


The most important aspect of palm reading is to put together the individual aspects of a reading for a complete understanding of the client. This is both a technical process of interweaving the many disparate aspects revealed in the palm, and an intuitive, holistic sense that completes a reading.

Ginat interprets the palm on the physical and spiritual level, assessing body systems and their associated emotional/psychological ramifications. Her deeply spiritual reading is possible from the open energetic channels she maintains from her more than three decades of macrobiotic study and practice.

For example:

  • The life line reflects the digestive system, and so reveals both physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses.   It also indicates social ability, friendship trends, and general opportunities in life
  • A success line running vertically up the center of the palm indicates career tendencies, past work habits and achievement.
  • The line of intelligence relates to the nervous system, showing sensitivity to pressure, writing ability and more.
  • The circulation system relates to romance and love, and other matters of the heart.
  • The area between the intelligence and heart lines reveals spiritual potential, as do the fingers and the palm.
  • Artistic ability is revealed in the shape of the hand and fingers.
  • Parents' relationship can be understood by comparing the two hands, and the fingers with the palm.
  • Each finger represents a specific aspect of personality, including leadership, money, morals, etc.
  • The back of the hand reveals relationship tendencies.
  • The hand's suppleness relates directly to the person's flexibility in daily life.

Ginat's hand readings convey knowledge of facial diagnosis as well, corroborating and clarifying clues found in the palm.  The face is another microcosm of the body, and reveals information ranging from parental influence to present state of health.   It too is part of a palm reading session.

Palmistry Reading: ₪100

Study Course

Contact us for on-going personal and group classes on hand analysis. Meeting place and time are individually determined.

Course Purpose:

  • Knowing one's personality is as simple as reading a book once you learn the meaning of signs and markings. In this course you will gain insights into personalities, motivations, ambitions and private aspirations of yourself and those around you.
  • Training to become a professional (or armchair) palmist.

The course includes:

  • History of chiromancy (palm reading).
  • Technical aspects of a palmistry reading-calculation, interpretation, etc.
  • Inking the palm for study and archiving.
  • Spiritual aspects of palmistry as clues to past lives and proclivities.
  • Communication skills for articulate verbal readings.
  • Guidance for persons seeking life changes as a result of a palmistry reading.


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