How Can Macrobiotics Help Me?

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In Western medicine, health is the apparent absence of symptoms and disease. According to macrobiotic thought, health is the positive image of a vibrant, thriving person. Health and disease are not static states. They are paths we follow throughout our lives.

At any time of life, whether you consider yourself healthy or have a life-threatening illness, you can expand your state of wellbeing. The proper adjustment of our diet and lifestyle coalesce in a healthy condition.

My Experience

When I developed cancer after 20 years of dedicated macrobiotic practice:

I wanted to understand what had happened.
I wanted to know why I got sick and what to do about it.
I wanted to know if my practice was off or if macrobiotics was false.
I really wanted to understand health and healing.

I knew that the answers were present for me to uncover in the questions..

I had been faithfully following the macrobiotic way of life to the best of my ability for 20 years, teaching, counseling and practicing.

"The best of my ability" always means my finest effort, yet the results were not what I consciously sought; was my best good enough?

Nevertheless, the results were what I needed for my life.

I had no teachers of macrobiotics in my life, although we did sponsor a European macrobiotic counselor in Israel.

I explored the meaning of healing.

When I could say that my cancer was the natural order of the universe, I could begin to heal.

When I could say that had I to do it again, I would choose the same path, then I considered myself healthy.

When I no longer judged illness as bad, but rather as interesting, I considered my whole.

Benefits of My Illness

My appreciation, gratitude and love for the macrobiotic way of life has expanded infinitely.

I have progressed one hundred-fold in my understanding and application of life according to natural order.

Vibration is what we carry with us in our next life; I am clear that my illness has raised my vibrational level.

Macrobiotics has given me:

My life.

My health.

My true education.

A world view and cosmology.

Belief in myself and in something bigger than myself.

Friends beyond measure.

A husband.

A purpose.

A career.

A goal.

A teacher.

A diet.

A way of life.

Life skills.

An understanding of life.

A method of living.

Hope for a peaceful death.

A vision.

Confidence that there are many more wonderful lifetimes of joy.