In Defense of Cruises

cruise ship.jpg

Many thoughtful and concerned friends express alarm over the effect of pollution from ocean liners.  They ask how Sandy Pukel's macrobiotic cruise can be understood as compatible with macrobiotic principles.

In this case, there are two pertinent questions.  First, how much pollution would all the potential cruise participants create individually were they not enjoying their floating vacation together?  Gray water results from sinks, showers and laundry, sewers, chemicals and emissions.  All of these are products of modern civilization, whether produced in large groups or separately.  The effects of the ship itself are comparable to airplane pollution and other industrial waste of our society.  There is no need to push against this phenomenon.  Our planet has always naturally recycled its waste and will continue to do so ad infinitum.  Macrobiotics teaches that the world is in perfect balance, always righting itself in a big view.   We must see everything that happens with the eye of God.

There is a second aspect to these concerns.  Macrobiotic philosophy explains the power of attraction.  The 11th theorem particularly states that big yang attracts little yang and big yin attracts little yin. Therefore, an apprehensive attitude compounds its own negativity.  Rather than oppose our enemy, macrobiotics teaches us to embrace adversity.  There is no gain in pushing against something, for our attention to that thing only increases its energy.  Focusing on fear is a lack of understanding, creating the very things we oppose.  Far better to choose a positive thought and give power to that which makes us feel well.   In this way we create our reality as we want it to be.

In sum, I suggest that all those wanting to enjoy a cruise take pleasure in their experience.  All those who choose not to participate are free to find their joy elsewhere.  The guiding spirit of macrobiotics is to include everything (macro) and exclude nothing, seeking your bliss everywhere you go.   Our thoughts lead the way.

- Ginat Rice