Kaare Bursell; Albany, CA.  An anthroposophical-macrobiotic web site.  The site presents many educational aspects of macrobiotic practice with no clear purpose other than providing a service for an interested public.  Subjects discussed include: yin and yang; the human being; the ginger compress; disease of the month; food and you; general dietary recommendations; personal info about Kaare.



Lidia Kuleshnyk. Toronto, Canada.  Apona Healing Arts offers Wholistic Health Services in Reiki (laying-on-of-hands), Macrobiotics (healing foods), and Wholistic Counselling/Coaching



Bill Tara offers lectures, seminars, and health retreats.  His connection with macrobiotics dates back to the early pioneering days of the 1960s when he made his first public presentation of macrobiotics in 1967. 



Simon Brown; John and Maria Brosnan; London, England.  Organic health foods, wines, supplements, cosmetics, books and natural house cleaning products.  The café serves organic juices, coffees and teas, snacks, cakes, soups and meals.  The clinic provides shiatsu, acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, herbs, macrobiotic consultations and nine star ki readings.



Christina Pirello, Philadelphia, PA.  Books by Christina Pirello: "Christina Cooks; Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Whole Foods,"  "Glow, A Prescription to Radiant Health and Beauty," "Cook Your Way to The Life You Want," "Cooking the Whole Foods Way," “Glow,” and her latest “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Whole Foods But Were Afraid to Ask” and Christina Cooks Magazine.  "Christina Cooks," is now in its eighth season on national public television, airing on as many as 135 public television stations nationally. The series also airs daily at 4:00PM, on Comcast's CN8 Network; and in over 50 countries internationally on The Discovery Health Network.



Craig Sams.  Hastings, UK.  Craig is an author of macrobiotic books, an entrepeneur creating various products over the nearly forty years he has been following the macrobiotic lifestyle.



David Sniekus; Newton, MA.  David offers Macrobiotic Counseling, Macrobiotic Coaching, Community Meals, Macrobiotic Cooking Lessons, Shiatsu Massage and a Catering Service



Pillowcrafters.  Eastford, CT.  The purpose and mission of this site is to bring together awareness of the many ways of accessing and strengthening that wonderful and vital force that we all have within and around ourselves.



Mary Martha McNeel, San Antonio, TX.  Gentle Wellness is the art of taking care of yourself using the time tested methods of dietary therapy, self realization and energy enhancing exercises.  Gentle Wellness cultivates inner awareness to promote personal growth and wisdom.  Gentle Wellness adopts healthy life styles to prevent disease and promote a long and fulfillinglife.



Meredith McCarty, Marin County, CA.  Website offers a line of products, consulting, books, lectures, classes and recipes.  Products include pressure cookers, grain mills, knives and water purifiers.  Books include the four cookbooks authored by Meredith.  Three lectures include Healing Cuisine, Sugar free desserts, and nutritional support related to breast cancer.



Jessica Porter, Los Angeles, CA.  Hypnotherapist, macro counselor.  Wrote book: "The Hipchicks Guide to Macrobiotics" published in 2004.



Gabrielle Kushi, MN.  Services include cooking instruction, counseling sessions, chef services, recipes, kitchen feng shui, macrobiotic, seminars, lectures, Corporate consulting; New book: Embracing Menopause Naturally.



Ilanit Tof, Melbourne, Australia.  Little Tree Publishing; Treatise on the Imagination; Snapshots of Life; Voices for the Animals; Psychophysiology; Just Jeans; The Travel Bug; Time Immemorial; Musings; Obtusities; Textualities; Young Minds; Food for Thought; Narcissism; Cosmetics without Synthetics; E books; Simply Natural Food: online Shopping; Cloud Nine Pillows; Lox box; the first home smoked salmon maker; the energy egg.



David and Cynthia Briscoe, Oroville, CA.  Study courses offered by David and Cynthia include: Steps to Health course at the Briscoe study house; Getting Started section for those just starting macrobiotics; Macrobiotic Personal Consultation for self healing plus Personal Health Sessions for those preferring a gradual change to healthy eating; Counselor training on line starts Jan, Jun and Sep 15. The web site also includes articles by David and Cynthia, recipes.



John Kozinski, Becket, MA.  Since 1976 macrobiotic education and counseling for vital health and well being in the united states and internationaly.   Macrobiotic and lifestyle consultations, shiatsu, Chi Gung.  Video consultations by mail and telephone consultations are also available.  Services are available in many locations.



Linda Wemhoff, Monterey, CA.  Linda has been a Macrobiotics chef since 1985. She studied at the VEGA Institute in California and the Kushi Institute in Boston, served as a personal chef to Michio and Aveline Kushi, apprenticed at the Swedish Macrobiotic Healing Center and was a head-chef at the International Macrobiotic Institute in Kiental Switzerland.  Linda has also taught thousands of students at macrobiotics schools, summer camps, cooking classes and on her cable television program



Simon and Victoria Barayev.  Atlanta, GA.  One-on-one and group cooking classes;  kitchen organization; shopping guidance; healthy meals to go; cooking at your home with your counselor’s recommendations; catering.



Warren Kramer, Boston, MA.  Cooking classes and lectures, monthly community dinners, health consultations, pot luck dinners.  Warren travels widely so check his web site for upcoming events.



Gene Perla.  Personal insights about the macrobiotic diet and Gene's gradual changes in coping with this new way of life.



Dr Ronald Parks, Asheville, NC.  Integrative Medicine and Psychiatry.  MacroHealth Medicine is the name of Dr. Parks’ comprehensive and holistic consultative and treatment services.



A wealth of information about the connection between diet and a healthy life, about macrobiotics ... and much more.  Meg is a very healthy, two-time survivor of cancer – bone and then breast cancer.



Michael Rossoff, Asheville, NC.  Macrobiotic counseling and teaching, traditional acupuncture.



Michio Kushi, Brookline, MA.  This site details all the books, honors and other data related to Michio Kushi's past.  For more information regarding the Kushi Institute, see the web site: www.kushiinstitute.org.



Mina Dobic.  Carlsbad, CA.  “My goal is to help you discover how easy it can be and how quickly you can apply macrobiotic principles to your own individual needs; while at the same time, achieving your goals and getting your health back. As you take charge of your life, I will guide you while you continue to more fully realize and satisfy your desire for freedom and happiness.”



Sabine Martens.  Health consultations, private macrobiotic cooking classes, group cooking classes, weekly lunches, monthly pot luck dinners, and "all about your health" weekend in February, a year long course about healthy cooking and healthy living.



Rosanna Martella and James McCaig, Cherry Hill, NJ.  The art of preparation with Sufi philosophy and Macrobiotic balance.



Simone Parris.  Antwerp, Belgium.  Simone has been cooking professionally for about 15 years.  Her objective is to create healthy delicious meals that nourish the body and soul. Her favorite food types include vegetarian, macrobiotic and ethnic.



Susan Krieger.  Long standing Macrobiotic Counselor, Acupuncturist.  Ki-Shiatsu-Acupressure Practitioner.  She presents health and healing seminars and lectures in New York City and throughout the US, is on the faculty of NYU and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  Susan opened the first Macrobiotic Restaurant in England in the 70's, produced the Ki-Shiatsu Instructional DVD which is available from her office and the Kushi Institute Store, MA.  Her web site clearly explains her work and dedication to spreading health and well being throughout our world.



Sheri DeMaris, Philadelphia, PA.  A TV talk show for the transformation to a healthier lifestyle. 



Jeanne & Patrick Grosset, LaCrescenta, California. Macrobiotic services, classes, weekly meal service and more. Patrick is a professional French Chef. Jeanne is the new Retreat Director for the Vegetarian Educational Institute carrying forward the tradition of French Meadows Macrobiotic Summer Camp.



Tim Burness, Brighton, England.  A musician with a strong interest in macrobiotics.



Jamie and Kasia Travena, Island of Ibiza.  YogaMassage Diploma Courses for Beginners and Advance Students.  Wellbeing holiday retreats.  Macrobiotic cooking.  Shiatsu and Thai massage.



Rebecca Wood; Boulder, CO.  Author of two books: "The Splendid Grain" "The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia."  Offers kitchen coaching, cooking classes, access to an extensive recipe library.



Gayle Stolove.  Ft Lauderdale, FL.  Wholly Macro; Macrobiotic Educators-Personal Chefs.  Customized personal meals, private consultations.



William Stanton.  Marshfield, MA. William currently maintains a practice in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Whole Foods Dietary Practice, and Essential Oils.  Dennis currently studies Yang style Taijiquan with Yang Jwing-ming in Boston where he has earned the rank of assistant instructor. He has also studied Xingyi, and Baguquan with Liang Shouyu.