Marsha Rueff, Atlanta, GA.  Cooking classes, bed and breakfast, macro day spa, home remedies, health consultations by Warren Kramer; cranial sacro treatments by Tsunenori Fujimaki, pot luck dinners.



Macrobiotic Foundation of Central Florida.  Orlando, FL.  The Macrobiotic Foundation of Central Florida is an organization dedicated to providing information, support and activities for its members and the community on the macrobiotic way of living. This begins with a reorientation of everyday eating using natural foods, and continues through accepting responsibility for keeping our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives in harmony with ourselves, our families, our community, and with society and nature.



Portland, OR.  The Christopher Center of Healing.  Christy N Carl.  The school is dedicated to helping people walk a path of whole person healing.  The programs are designed to guide people to the heart of their healing and to support them in finding the modalities and lifestyle that bring happiness and well-being.



Lisbon, Portugal.  Instituto Macrobiotico de Portugal; Portuguese Macrobiotic Institute.  Seminars, courses, consulting services, summer camp, cookinglessons, movement, articles, news.



Dallas, TX.  Macrobiotic Center of Dallas.  Offers Basic Macrobiotic Food Kit (the deluxe food kit includes a pressure cooker and vegetable knife, professional and caddie knives; group and private cooking classes; color therapy kit; macrobiotic dietary counseling; and, a bed and breakfast.



Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  The Kushi Institute of Europe.  The Kushi Institute of Europe offers classes and instruction in macrobiotic theory and principles, macrobiotic cooking and meal preparation, and associated lifestyle topics. It is dedicated to cooperating with the medical and scientific community, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to create a healthier, more peaceful, more sustainable world.



Beirut, Lebanon.  Salam Center.  The only complete macrobiotic educational experience available in the Arab world.  6 day course to learn macrobiotics.



A collection of macrobiotic resources and services in Belgium.  A summer camp that includes macrobiotic study and a week of joy.



Antwerpen, Belgium.  East-West Center in Belgium.  We organize activities all over Flanders. Since 1996, we have established a residential centre near Orval. We rebuild an ancient farm, Bois-le-Comte, into a place of ecological learning and residence centre -- Educational organization for natural living and transformation.



Palo Alto, CA.  Peninsula Macrobiotic Community.  Primary activity is to put on gourmet vegetarian dinners every Monday night.  60 to 100 people attend every week.  Takeouts are available.