Whole Health Forum Blog #1

Here’s a quick update on the Whole Health Forum roster.

Guess who’s coming to lecture? Meir Schneider has agreed to speak remotely by live stream! His story is nothing less than remarkable. Born blind to deaf parents, Meir taught himself to see by practicing eye exercises up to 13 hours a day. He along with three senior macrobiotic teachers make for a powerful lineup of speakers. This is getting big! And hold your breath–Christina Pirello, the queen of macrobiotic cooking with an Emmy award for her long-running TV cooking show, is one of the live stream teachers. We also have two other big macrobiotic personalities, Jessica Porter (The Hip Chick), and as well Denny Waxman. Yippee! These are all seasoned macrobiotic folk, each teaching at the 4:30 to 6 p.m spot daily.

Please sign up on our registration page in order to get the early bird discount price for a full day or more at the Forum, including lodgings and macrobiotic meals by our French chef Patrick Grosset. Patrick’s wife Jeanne offers a full day cooking intensive of macrobiotic culinary treasures on Forum Wednesday.

…and for you non-Macros, still plenty, and I mean plenty, of other classes and topics. Check out our Speakers