The Whole Health Forum volunteer Work Study Program offers an opportunity to participate in the Forum for a reduction in tuition. Preference is given to those who can be present for an exchange throughout the entire week. 

In exchange for a partial tuition waiver, the participant agrees to work a half day for each day he/she volunteers. We ask 4-6 hours of you each day and will try to accommodate your working preferences as much as possible so you can spend the rest of the time at classes and meals. You will have time to socialize and participate in all workshops during your time off.

Areas of work include kitchen, dining room service, office, tech support, and driver. As a volunteer you pay half the price advertised for attending the festival, work half time and have half the time free. You receive three meals per day, group accommodations either in the main building or your own tent, and free entry to all workshops. 

Tuition for volunteer Work Study helpers is half the normal price.  Payment may be made with 1-3 credit card payments, or post-dated checks. If you are not accepted into the volunteer Work Study Program, your tuition will be refunded (or applied to camp tuition, if you prefer). 

Space for work study is limited and fills up quickly so let us know of your interest and ability at any time and we'll try to find a place for you.

To apply:
Telephone 052-365-0004 for an interview or Contact Us via email.

Job Descriptions

Cooks and Other Kitchen Staff
e are looking for experienced cooks, meal service and dishwater staff to follow the chef’s instructions.

Requirements include:

  1. Proven cooking experience.
  2. Excellent understanding of various methods, ingredients, equipment, and procedures.
  3. Accuracy and speed in executing assigned tasks.

As a reminder, you are responsible for your own safety. If you are unsure of your abilities, please let us know during the application process.

Office Assistance
We are looking for a capable assistant to help with registration, direct guests to specific site locations, update schedule changes and handle small administrative details. The goal is to maintain an easy flow of information and communication.

Responsibilities include working with guests; being a good listener and communicator.

Technical Support
We are looking for a capable assistant with knowledgeable about audio/visual systems, computer hook ups, and other matters related to music and visual presentations with both PC and Mac.

Driver/Parking Attendants
We are looking for drivers to shuttle people to and from the light rail on Mt. Herzl. The goal is to maintain easy access with the Essene Farm for all guests.

Responsibilities include transporting guests, preferably with your own car, between Essene Farm and the end of the light rail line upon demand. A 5 ₪ fee will be charged for each passenger. At other times, you will be needed to direct parkers to designated parking areas. Compensation for using your car will be determined later.

Work Study Payment
Payment may be made by check made payable to Whole Health Forum, or credit card.

Please notify us of your interest in this program by email below and we will send you an application to be filled out and returned.

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