Whole Health Forum
May 21-26 2017

Essene Farm in Even Sapir, Jerusalem District, Israel

The Essene Farm is an ecological health resort that serves as a retreat for supervised fasting and offers workshops of natural healing and organic gardening, offering the opportunity to follow the lifestyle of the Essenes.

Our event

Israel’s premier complementary and alternative health event will have its second annual production for five and a half days in May at the Essene Farm in Even Sapir, near Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem.


Our Classes

Choose daily from top caliber holistic teachers in a vibrant gathering of like-minded friends. All workshops will be interactive and experiential. Classes include early morning body work and fitness sessions, cooking instructions, explorations in holistic health and alternative medicine, and engaging evening presentations.


Our Food

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Enjoy kosher, macrobiotic, gluten-free meals cooked on the premises by trained, experienced macrobiotic chefs.

Our Executive Chef is Patrick Grosset of 7th Element Services of Los Angeles, California. A professional French chef and certified macrobiotic teacher.

Patrick Grosset is a professional French Chef with a rich history of macrobiotics as teacher, counselor and private chef for over a decade. He specializes in gluten free alternatives and has written thousands of original macro recipes for his business in Los Angeles, LivingMacrobiotic.com.

Patrick has a successful weekly macrobiotic meal service and cleanse program that won the,”Best of Burbank Award" for Food Service 2016. This is the first time a vegan company has been recognized for this award.

Patrick’s culinary expertise will be shared with all those who join our volunteer work/study program in the Forum kitchen this spring, as he is passionate about teaching and looks forward to sharing his extensive knowledge with his staff. 

Come join us for delicious, vegan, macrobiotic balanced food, relaxation and fun! 


Kosher supervision by Aryeh Rothman


Aryeh Rothman served as kosher supervisor with COR, the Council of Orthodox Rabbis (equivalent to the Orthodox Union in the US) in Toronto, Canada for four years at the Baycrest Hospital. As such his team supervised 3 meals every day in 22 unit kitchens, two cafeterias and the large main kitchen serving the entire hospital. He also served as mashgiach at weddings, bnei mizvot private functions and at restaurants. Aryeh made aliyah in 2011 to Safed. Hs is married with four children and four grandchildren.

Our services

Classes, services and consultations in the following areas:

  • Body Work
  • Energy Healing
  • Reflexology
  • Essential Oils
  • Healing Sounds
  • Yoga
  • Live Food
  • Balancing a Vegan Diet
  • Accupressure
  • Life Coaching & Journying
  • Psychotherapy & Torah
  • Massage
  • Tapping
  • Macrobiotic Cooking
  • Kabbalistic Healing
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • TRE: Tension Release Exercises

Choose to sleep in a six-person hay bale cottage, on segregated floor mattresses either indoors, in a large outdoor marquee, or in your own tent. Showers and washrooms are available for all. Wifi is available without charge.

Daily vendors will be selling their products.

Personal consultations and treatments by appointment

CLICK BELOW TO CHECK out our video from last years event:

I have attended these type of things before but never ever has the energy and goodwill been so loving.

Pashut me’od!  It possessed a NESHAMAH of its own which no other place in the world that I have been a part of possessed.  Caring Jewish people together creating a community of Love for one another in a healing environment.  I am so heart warmed and moved by everyone’s generosity of giving and loving, both teachers and participants alike.  This is such a great Forum for teaching macrobiotics.  Baby steps.  Everyone I spoke to–and I spoke to many, being the official “Gopher Girl Friday”–was interested in Macrobiotics.
— Shulamit Slotki
It was an amazing event!
The organization went smoothly and everything was easy going with a great atmosphere, wonderful people and excellent food!
Can’t wait to be part of this brilliant venue next time!
Thank you Ginat and Sheldon.
— Adi Assodri
As presenter and practitioner at the Whole Health Forum, I found my experience magnetic. I live in Jerusalem and had only planned to attend part of the time. But life had other plans. I kept getting drawn back to the Forum to be with the people and to gain more wisdom about life and our bodies. Also—the food was inspiring! 
— Jeff Goldstein

For questions, suggestions, and to register, contact Sheldon and Ginat Rice by phone:
Home Office:  04-870-1078
Ginat's Cell Phone:  052-365-0004
Sheldon's Cell Phone:  052-706-5002
Email:  shelgin@gmail.com