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Master Walter Alpizar is a naturalist specializing in Molecular Energy Homeopathic, a homeopathic science based on electromagnetic frequencies and resonances. Master Alpizar is certified as a Specialist in Homeopathy and is completing a Masters degree in Naturopathic Sciences at the International Iberoamerican University and Universidad del Atlántico, Barcelona. Master Alpizar holds an MBA from Bryant University in Rhode Island and a BA in mathematics and physics from Rhode Island College, USA.

Workshop: Molecular Homeopathic Energy is a technology that allows the human body to receive pure frequencies as antidotes to pathogens like bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus, toxins and chemicals by utilizing the resonance frequencies of the disease-causing agents at higher amplitudes than normal, thus stressing them to their own destruction. Molecular Homeopathic Energy brings the capacity to rebuild itself back to the human body, as was intended by the Creator of all, based on ones present genetic conditions. In this class we will explore this applied physics for healing the human body.

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Divine Healer Rofeh Yehoshua Ben Israel heads the African Hebrew Israelites Ministry of Divine Health (MODH), the organization that has presided over this community on the path of self-sustained health and nutrition for over 50 years. He is a youthful community leader, married and father to healthy, thriving children in the Village of Peace, Dimona, Israel.

Rofeh Yehoshua will focus on "Physical Immortality," expounding and expanding within the context of the Whole Health Forum what it actually means in 2017 to have a Whole Health Life as inspired by the common mantra of preventative health and nutrition.

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Yakira Hadasa Bat Yosef is a highly intuitive master healer for more than 20 years. As founder of LifeChoice Consultant, she helps those that have experienced trauma, abuse and addictions and individuals needing help with life's challenges and/or relationships. Divinely inspired, she started pursuing her passion of helping people when she was a child. From age seven to 15 she “shadowed” her doctor grandfather and learned to “see” in the body, and “hear” the messages of organs. When she was diagnosed in the early 1990s with final stage liver cirrhosis and hypo-functioning pancreas, she augmented her grandfather’s wisdom with classes in natural healing techniques. She left her management career in 1994 to teach others how to discover “stuck places” (blocked energy), release reactive responses and realize new ways of living life proactively. When spirit and emotions are healed, optimal physical living can blossom and thrive.

In this fun filled interactive workshop you will learn to hear the body whispers, what your body aches are saying to you, what foods your body desires, the emotional roots of disease, how to live on a higher vibrational level and PROACTIVE POSITIVE LIVING. Awaken to greater ways to fine tune and realign the connection of your body, mind and soul. You will gain greater energy, deeper sleep, harmony with people and the ability to manifest abundance.
You will:

  • Develop a more positive mindset
  • Discover the roots of what is keeping you "stuck"
  • Maximize your strengths and learn to openly accept challenges
  • Take concrete steps towards your personal goals
  • Create balance between life, work, and all things in between
  • Transform your diet for optimal health and living
  • Build a stronger sense of self awareness


  • Mini Session
  • Release tension to experience deep relaxation
  • Improve circulation
  • Assist the body to detox
  • Ease muscle pain
  • Lessens the joint pains of arthritis
  • Relieve the pain of fibromyalgia

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Dr. Janice Block is a physician and naturopath certified by the American Naturopathic Certification Board. She has been practicing in the Beit Shemesh area for the last 15 years. Dr. Block received her medical degree and pediatric specialization from the University of Miami School of Medicine and her alternative medical degrees from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine.  She continued her studies in classical homeopathy at the Segula Academy in Zichron Yaakov, Israel, where she completed the program in advanced classical homeopathy.  Dr. Block is a popular columnist in Connections Magazine, Beit Shemesh, where she writes on topics relevant to complementary and alternative medicine.  Her special interests include pediatrics, homeopathy, medical hypnotherapy, and sports medicine.  

Workshop: Classical Homeopathy:  Natural and Effective Remedies for Common Conditions 

Classical homeopathy is a safe, gentle, time-tested modality which utilizes the concept of "simillimum" to stimulate the body's innate power to heal itself.  In fact, homeopathy is the most widely used alternative modality in the world. According to the World Health Organization, homeopathy is second only to conventional Western medicine in global prevalence and popularity.  Classical homeopathy is effective for a variety of health conditions, both acute and chronic, including conditions for which conventional Western medicine has few answers.  In this talk, Dr. Block will focus on homeopathic treatment of simple and acute conditions such as colds, fevers, sore throats, bruises, joint pain, toothaches, and more. 


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Selma Braier’s penchant for art began at a young age with drawing, painting and handicrafts. It naturally followed for her to study in the School of Arts in the Universidad Catholica in her  native Lima, Peru. In Israel she began her study of graphic arts in Jerusalem’s Betzalel Academy in 1979. Selma completed a degree in the history of art and geography at the Hebrew University. In 1990 she learned co-counseling, a self awareness technique she has taught since. In 1999 she discovered art therapy, a profession that combines her talents of both art and therapy. She completed studies at David Yellin teacher’s college and has worked as an art therapist since. Selma teaches art as a way to connect to creativity, exposing her students to fine arts techniques in their process of self-discovery.

Workshop: Artistic Self Discovery

As an art therapist Selma recognizes the arts as one of our biggest sources of joy and self connection. She facilitates enjoyment, play and discovery in people not necessarily experienced in plastic arts. In this workshop Selma will introduce you to a self-discovery process through the medium of art.


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Chaya Sara Brand L.M.S.W. has an Honors B.A. in psychology from York University in Toronto and earned her Masters degree from Wurzweiler Yeshiva University, N.Y. She has 40 years of international experience synthesizing Chassidut with psychology and facilitating emotional and spiritual healing through workshops, groups and individual counseling and coaching, all with an expansive, eclectic approach. Her workshops include Healing the Not-Good-Enough Syndrome, Moving Beyond Past Hurts, Forgiveness is Divine, and Spiritual Preparation For Pesach: A Healing Inner Journey.

ChayaSaraBrand;    02-563-5878

Workshop: Anger: Signal for Change
Anger effects your emotional and physical health and damages relationships. Yet when understood as a signal for change, anger can facilitate personal and inter-personal growth.

  • Acquaint yourself with six different psychological explanations of anger
  • Become aware of what triggers your anger.
  • Learn how to respectfully communicate your needs and feelings

The presentation will have three parts. 

  1. Theoretical aspect
  2. Experiential exercise
  3. Discussion and integration assignment 

No personal sharing is required. Please bring paper and pen with you.

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After dancing competitively for 10 years, Miriam Brodie went on to receive her Pilates certification from Wingate Institute in 2012. Bringing her passion for fitness into her classroom, Miriam offers Pilates to all ages and fitness backgrounds to help accomplish and rebuild fitness goals. Miriam is the only licensed Buff Bones® Instructor in Israel and holds additional certifications in Fit Ball, Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates and Pilates Fusion.

Workshop:  Buff Bones® is a medically endorsed workout method. It integrates Pilates, strength training, functional movement, and rehabilitative exercise to improve the health and longevity of your bones and joints. Buff Bones® is safe for all fitness levels, and especially recommended for those with osteoporosis. 

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Nechama Sarah has been living in Israel for the last 34 years.  She has written and illustrated three books: The Twelve Dimensions of Israel,  Israel and the Seventy Dimensions of the World, and The Princess of Dan.  Nechama Sarah holds private and group healing retreats at her country home near Kever Shimshon.  

Workshop: Healing Through Kabbalistic Art with an Emphasis on The Book of Genesis; transforming your experience of listening and empowering who you listen to. The class is open to people of all ages and backgrounds for whom listening is a crucial skill.


  • What is and is not listening
  • Creating positive power for yourself and others
  • De-centering and curiosity
  • Growing as a listener
  • Creating space for others to share and grow
  • Quieting your mind
  • Kindness and listening

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Hannah Camhi is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbal practitioner. She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego California, in 2004. Hannah specializes in Japanese acupuncture integrating her private practice in nutrition, Chinese herbal remedies, moxibustion and acupressure. She worked in San Diego for four years in a clinic with other practitioners before aliya making in 2007. Hannah opened a community clinic in Hadera with another acupuncturist and has a successful private practice in Zichron Yaacov where she treats people with all kinds of imbalances including acute and chronic pain, gastrointestinal problems, woman’s health, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular problems, insomnia, depression and more.

Workshop: Japanese Acupuncture and Diagnosis
Hannah will present diagnostic methods in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, demonstrating practical skills to understand your body's own physiology and pathology according to Chinese Medicine.

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Tzipporah Sarah Eisen is a certified Yoga and Nia instructor who is passionate about everything to do with the expressive arts, music, movement, body-centered anything, healing and wellness. She believes dancing is a sacred path to ecstasy and joyful soul expression. Tzipporah enjoys sharing her love of movement with others so that everyone can feel better!  On the side she also works as a grant writer and is a mother of three blessed vilda chayas. 

Workshop: Energize your Body and Soul with Nia Movement! (Women only)

Nia is a powerful sensation-based experience that is expressive, FUN and healing.  Inspired by music from around the world and 9 movement forms including dance (Jazz/Modern/Duncan), martial arts (Tae Kwon Doe/Aikido,/Tai Chi) and therapeutic movement (Yoga/Alexander technique/Feldenskrais), Nia creates a dynamic and highly versatile practice.  The dance-movement experience leaves one energized, mentally clear and emotionally balanced.

Nia is non-impact,  accessible to every body type and adaptable to different levels of intensity. No previous dance experience is required–just bring your dancing feet.

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Batya Erdstein, originally of San Diego, California, lives on a hilltop in Itamar Shomron with her husband and six children. She left a career as a Registered Nurse for her love of ceramics, and teaches and sells pottery from her beautiful studio in Itamar.

Workshop: Giving through Listening: A Clay Workshop

Play with clay in this silent workshop. We listen to music while we work on individual clay creations. The special part of this is that each person lets go of his piece after a few minutes and passes it on to his neighbor while receiving the work of another. At the end we talk about the experience of letting go and allowing another to take over. 

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After graduating from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in 1964, Dr. Feinerman took residency training in plastic surgery. He served in U.S. Army Medical Corps, including a year with the corps in Viet Nam. He later practiced plastic surgery in Atlanta, GA for 12 years and is now retired after 25 years of active practice in Israel.

Frustrated with the conventional options for improving his own medical issue of osteoarthritis, the good doctor adopted a holistic approach to good nutrition. This then led him to macrobiotics as a solution. Intensive self-education was augmented by study at the Kushi Institute for macrobiotics.

Workshop I: A good-feeling physical body is by far the greatest factor for maintaining a continuing state of joy and wellbeing.  Dr. Feinerman will moderate the Remarkable Recoveries healing panel, individual stories of health after illness. Following his opening remarks on the state of today's health, a panel of "recovery experts" will share their healing stories, including their personal paths to whole health.

Workshop II: Modern Medical Marvels–Cure For Our Ills?
Dr. Feinerman talks about how advances in medicine have changed modern health practices, and the tricky situations that can arise as a result. He brings a unique perspective from both Eastern and Western medical practices to gain perspective on how best to manage the two.

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Body Soul Dance is a meditation in movement based on the 5 rhythms, flowing staccato, chaos and lyrical stillness, all energy fields creating the circular quality of a wave. Body Soul Dance is for any woman, no dance experience required!

Ruth Gess is a trained dancer and life coach. Dance has always been her primal expression. She has been practicing dancing the 5 rhythms for the last 15 years as a way of connecting her body and soul and experiencing deep freedom, joy and aliveness.

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Jeanne is a Natural Health Specialist in Los Angeles, California who focuses her teachings and guidance on the principles of macrobiotics for better health and longevity. Jeanne is also a Kundalini yoga teacher. Her company, 7th Element Services, offers a weekly meal service and a cleanse program and classes throughout the year. She is the Retreat Director for the Vegetarian Educational Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading a plant based diet for happy, healthier lives and carrying forward the tradition of the French Meadows Summer Camp by the George Oshawa Macrobiotic Foundation. Jeanne is passionately working for one peaceful world, one day at a time.

Macrobiotics for Everyone Series

Jeanne Grosset presents macrobiotic cooking and information classes that create the foundation for a happy, healthy life. True natural foods nurture and heal through the seasons. Embrace the energy of food to create the wellbeing you desire.

"Keeping It Whole” - Whole foods are the building blocks of better health. Explore the benefits of using foods in their natural form to rejuvenate the body, balance the emotions and harmonize with the seasons of the natural world around you.

Rebuild and Renew” - Many people in today’s modern world suffer from poor digestion, weak immune systems and degenerative conditions. Learn how to use fermented foods to rebuild and renew the foundation of your health with live foods.

Mother Nature Knows Best” - Our personal demographics and season play a remarkable role in our natural balance. Foods in season and common to our surroundings have accessible power specifically designed for you, wherever you are, by Mother Nature herself, the ultimate chef.

Kiss Cravings Goodbye” - Tired of cravings, can’t get through the day without your sugar fix, piling salt onto every dish you eat? Have no fear, cravings can be a thing of the past when you learn how the forces of yin and yang come to play in your daily consumption of food. These are powerful forces that create a solid practice for self healing.

Let the Body Do” - A wise old man once told me, “Give the body what it needs and let the body do.” When we give the body the nutritional foundation it needs to thrive, it is capable of miraculous recoveries. Come learn how to create an alkaline-balanced diet to rebuild the body. Self healing really works–it is the way we are designed.

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Mary Ho dedicated herself to working with orphans from a very young age and from 2009 as a full time volunteer in Shanghai for 4.5 years. Her epitome charity work resulted in a TEDX Shanghai talk in 2010 about her moving inspirations.

Mary embodies a holistic lifestyle and shares her knowledge as an educator of macrobiotics /whole foods plant-based diet, lymphatic drainage and craniosacral therapy, and practitioner in shamanic healing. She trekked in solo sacred pilgrimages to Camino de Santiago, China temples and the sacred valley of Machu Picchu. In the course of self discovery she underwent profound transformation that enhanced her soul purpose to share and help the community towards a higher consciousness and responsibility for our personal health. She is a passionate natural healer who believes in the power of food for emotional and physical well-being.  She conducts regular cooking classes and healthy life workshop in her native Singapore and overseas.

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Simcha Hoffman began adopting a healthful lifestyle as a teen. She took courses in macrobiotic cooking and studied health and nutrition independently for many years in her native U.S. She is currently a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in Jerusalem and is training to become a health coach. Previously she worked as a chef at a women’s seminary and two health food shops in Tsfat, where she operated her own sushi takeout business. She worked until recently as restaurant manager and head chef at the health food store Zemora Organi in Talpiyot.  She improved their menu and dramatically increased business. Simcha has been sought after by individuals and groups for years to give cooking workshops and finally has committed herself to begin this new chapter. The Whole Health Forum is Simcha’s debut presentation. 

Workshop: Simcha is demonstrating the hands on preparation of healthful and delicious sweet snacks and desserts. Handouts will be provided that include recipes and the nutritional benefits of the treats. Participants will be able to taste the finished products. 

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Lymphatic Facial Massage tones your skin and deeply relaxes your facial muscles, releasing tension and facilitating profound calm and equilibrium. Learn to tone, relax and rejuvenate your skin and release tension throughout your body as you treat yourself or someone else. All welcome!


Spa Day:

Avital Katz offers individual Lymphatic Facial Massage mini-sessions along with other methods to effectively release tension.

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Chana Rachel began to practice Macrobiotics back in 1983 and has taught cooking classes in vegan macrobiotics, vegetarian and vegan food preparation. For many years she attended macrobiotic and vegetarian events sponsored by the Kushi Institute, studied there with a number of renowned teachers, and has also worked at the North American Vegetarian Society conferences and French Meadows Summer Camp. Chana Rachel has counseled clients in Macrobiotics and has given cooking classes.

After a 10 year break from her macrobiotic practice during at which time she practiced mainly raw foods (2003), she is now practicing what is known as Full Spectrum Macrobiotics. She is taking clients for consultations and giving cooking classes in the Jerusalem area. Chana Rachel is also a violinist, string instrument teacher and has directed orchestras in the U.S. and plays in a local Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

Workshop: What's For Breakfast?
In this class, Chana Rachel will emphasize the preparation of breakfast according to the season and weather. How shall we start our day? This class includes tastings along with recipes and step by step instructions. 

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Pearl Koelewyn has been practicing Do-In and Yoga for more than 20 years, studying continuously in Jerusalem and her native Washington D.C.

Pearl works as a high school language teacher, incorporating classroom relaxation techniques to promote focus, calm and stress relief. She conducts Yoga workshops for both students and teachers and teaches Do-In and Yoga to special needs autistic students. Pearl has a passion for her students and devotes her energies to the education of Israeli youth.

Workshop: Do-In is a self massage technique taught by the late Michio Kushi of the macrobiotic movement. Do-In concentrates on the extremities and spine, including head and face, fingers and feet with some attention to shoulders and back. This will be accompanied in Pearl's class by breathing techniques to promote relaxation and well-being, combined with the signature repetitive movements of Kundalini Yoga to get your blood circulating for health and well-being.

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Devorah Kur is an international Wellness motivational speaker who runs wellness centers in Ra’anana, Kfar Saba and Jerusalem.  She is passionate about helping people through their illnesses, challenges and struggles in life. She combines her expertise in reflexology and logotherapy (the teachings of Dr Victor Frankl “Man’s Search for Meaning”) to empower people to wellbeing of their BODY, MIND and SOUL. Her forte is in helping people find meaning and rise to the challenges of what life is asking of them.

Workshop: Soul Nourishment: The Ability to Heal
Explore the connections between the MIND and the BODY. As both reflexologist and associate in logotherapy (meaning-centered counseling), Devorah is fascinated by the role that our thoughts and attitudes have on our lives and bodies. Get inspired to take responsibility for your illnesses, symptoms and diseases, understanding the deeper meaning behind them for more fulfilled and enriched lives. Included is an exciting interactive exercise at once fun and mind blowing as to the effects of negativity on our bodies. What is your body telling you about your life?

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Shulamit Lando is a body-mind psychotherapist, bereavement counselor, trauma specialist, medical coach and author of Hope Beyond Illness– A Guide to Living WELL with a Chronic Condition.  She has been counseling those with chronic and terminal illnesses for more than 30 years. She leads support groups for people dealing with loss and those living with chronic and life threatening illnesses such as cancer, MS and HIV-AIDS in both her native Mexico and in Israel. Besides her private practice she volunteers at The Yuri Shtern Holistic Center for Cancer Patients in Jerusalem. She is also the author of an autobiographical novel in Spanish, “Amor Arroba Desierto.”

Workshop: Consciousness Catcher

Like a Dream Catcher, we’ll create our own sacred hoop to catch our awareness and our consciousness, recognizing the beliefs and patterns that facilitate or impede our wellness. We'll experience the power of sharing, validating and blessing each other and the healing effects of group consciousness.

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Biography - Joan Weiner Levin has been a stand up comedian making audiences laugh for well over a decade. She's won the title of the Jewish Week's Funniest Amateur Comedian in New York contest, and has performed regularly at clubs and at private events in the U.S. and in Israel since making Aliyah in 2014.

Workshop-Is it ok to laugh? Where do we find laughter in the Tanach, (hint: more places than you think!) and what can we learn from our forefathers’ guffaws?

Join us for an interactive workshop on the spiritual side of the lighter side.

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Maureen Levy is an artist-writer-teacher-integrative psychotherapist with many years experience in education, mental health care and the arts. Improvisational comedy turned her life around to appreciate the profound benefits of play and laughter. Mo lives in Dublin, Ireland with her two large sons and dog, performing sporadically with a local Improv Troupe. 

Mo loves books, traveling, singing,  philosophy, conversation, photography, teaching and singing. She dreams of owning an Ice Cream Van to house her own Talk Radio Show. She has taught all kinds of things to all sorts of people in USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and most recently, Ghana.  She looks forward to bringing the joys of Improvisational Comedy to new-to-her people in a new-to-her country. 

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