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Enhance – Uncover potential – discover core strengths and skills.
Clear – Identify and clear negative beliefs and behaviors.
Transform – Create positive beliefs and behaviors.

Francine is a life coach and kinesiologist practicing since 2003. She studied Touch for Health, One Brain Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Techniques, and qualified as a life coach with the American Association of Professional Coaches in 2015. She is a Hi-Tech career advisor and gives EFT workshops to colleagues. Her aim for herself and her clients is to use discomfort to create opportunities for loving growth. Originally from Manchester, UK, Francine moved to Israel in 1993, where she lives with her Israeli Yemenite husband in Maaleh Adummim.


The behavioral barometer is a central tool in One Brain Kinesiology. Kinesiology is a series of tests that locate weaknesses in specific muscles reflecting imbalances throughout the body. We will be learning and practicing a few types of muscle testing in order to use them for self understanding. Working in couples, each person will choose a goal and treat his partner using the behavioral barometer to clear physical, conscious and subconscious negative emotions to create positive beliefs surrounding his goals. 

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Mordechai David Naseck is an internationally known teacher, healer, shaman, yogi, mystic, reiki master, Sufi and holistic health and business consultant. Well known for facilitating life changing experiences, Mordechai David has been featured on television and radio both nationally and internationally. While pursuing his global quest for health, vitality, longevity and spiritual enlightenment, Mordechai David has studied with many masters of the world’s traditions and religions.He has presented at the world’s top resorts, spas, institutes, and centers including Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Miraval Life in Balance Resort, Kripalu Center forYoga & Health, The Omega Institute, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center,  The Ann Wigmore Institute & Foundation, Ascent of Tzfat, as well as aboard the world’s most famous ocean liner, Cunard’s Queen Mary 2.  Most recently Mordechai David studied Kabbalah in the Holy Land’s mystical city of Tzfat where Kabbalah has very deep roots.  Mordechai David makes his home in Israel with his beautiful wife Elina.

Workshop: Journey through the Sefirot:

Follow the sound, the rhythm, the energy within … let it move you, let it dance you, let it take you.

Blindfold yourself so your vision is internal, give yourself to HaShem and The Shechinah, G-d, The Creator, All That Is. Let Holiness fill you as you move your body in a rhythmic dance from the core of your being. Release your inhibitions, release your thoughts, release control, release self-judgement … and surrender. Surrender to your authentic self, your pure soul and the essence of your being. Freedom awaits in this empowering inner Journey Through The Sefirot. See you in the realms!!


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Hannah Roen, LMT specializes in the healing of chronic and acute health conditions, infertility, medically incurable conditions, children’s conditions such as ADD, disabilities, hyperactivity, OCD and other chronic conditions. Bring your questions for answers to all your health issues.

Workshop:  "What's Wrong with You? Causes and Solutions for Chronic Health Problems

Understanding Causes and Solutions for Chronic Health Conditions Hannah shares her personal healing stories of serious conditions, while going in depth into the Ancient Chinese 5-Element model for understanding human health. When we know the source of illnesses, then we can determine solutions. We are meant to heal disease, not to keep it. Each illness carries a message, and the healing process brings gifts of wisdom and growth. Hannah will share an easy self-care routine to boost the health of the internal organs.


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Ellen rose

Ellen Rose is the founder of a line of natural skin care and health products based on aromatherapy. She believes that whatever we put on our bodies should be edible. A tree hugger at heart, Ellen is an activist for and lifelong student of permaculture (sustainability).  She teaches organic gardening and designs food forests whose main purpose is to grow nutritious soil and maximize edible yields, whether from a private or community garden or even a balcony.

Workshop: Permaculture is a design system initiated in Australia in the 1970s. It teaches us to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle --to give back valuable resources to the planet, rendering life sustainable and regenerative. This includes how we plan our cities, build our homes, make our food choices and rescue the green lungs of the planet through reforestation. 

If you have an hour to watch a related fascinating documentary before we meet, watch Before the Flood, produced & narrated by Leonardo di Caprio:

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Becky became interested in positive thinking and self-awareness after moving from Chile to Israel at age 16. She suddenly had to transition to life in a new country, a childhood blow to her self-confidence and creativity. As a young mother and wife she found herself unhappy and full of anger. Her body began to express her suffering as her right leg shortened from childhood polio that doctors had declared cured. She endured debilitating back pain coupled with digestive resistance to the painkillers she was taking regularly. 

Investigating methods for self-healing, Becky quickly understood that personal reality stems from our own thoughts. A workshop based on the positive thinking methods of Louise Hay taught her to stop blaming herself and empower change. Feelings of failure gradually disappeared. She listened to her pain to understand its message, choosing to embrace supportive and positive thoughts. 

Today Becky takes no pain medication and walks without a limp. She provides a true mirror of deep listening and simple guidance that offers solutions. Becky Rothstein is Israel's only authorized teacher trainer in the positive thinking methods of Louise Hay. Over 30 years of experience allow her to precisely identify the issues that plague people and teach them to find their answers inside.

1. Doors Closing, Doors Opening
What are your dreams and visions for the rest of your life? Clarify the only two possibilities of inner guidance–fear and love. Which one is dominant for you?

2. “Should” and “Could”
“Should” closes out our possibilities; “could” opens the way. Being aware lets us make the changes we crave to bring opportunity to our lives.

3. Negative Messages
We each hold a storehouse of less-than-good-feeling beliefs. We are the owners of our storehouse and can housekeep it the way we want. Let go and let love.

4. Inner Child
With the power of self-love and -acceptance, we learn to reframe snapshots from our past. Compassion releases our difficult stories and sets us free. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. 

5. Forgiveness
Forgiveness opens the door to love. This is the path to Whole Health.

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Throughout her 30+ years as a nurse anesthetist, Yehudis wondered why so many people suffer chronic pain and illness despite medical and technological advances. She saw Western medicine falling short in offering surgery and medicines as the only methods of care to patients. Allopathic medicine often inadequately addresses a patient’s complex issues. How is it that people are told, "You just have to live with your pain, insomnia, asthma, allergies, diabetes, anxiety...(fill in the blank)?”

Yehudis believes that treatments such as acupuncture and herbalism can bridge the health care gap. These therapies and medicines help train the body to energize and heal itself. Acupuncture appears to have a regulatory effect on neurotransmitters and hormones. It offers a calming effect, can reduce inflammation, and often stimulates the body’s natural drive towards inner balance or homeostasis unlike any Western treatment.

Nevertheless, alternative medicine does not always consider the serious nature of many diseases. Long believing in the integration of modern and alternative treatments, Yehudis has come to realize that the wave of the future is to have all options open for healing. Whether administering anesthesia for surgery or an acupuncture treatment for pain or illness, she will not likely forgo all her years of training as a nurse anesthetist in order to exclusively practice alternative medicine. Similarly, she could not resume offering Western medicine treatments alone. Yehudis's goal is to evaluate each person’s condition for appropriate Eastern and Western recommendations to treat the whole person.

Workshop: Treating the Whole Person: Personalized and Patient-Centered Healthcare Combining Western and Eastern Medicine

Both patients and practitioners alike are bonding with the philosophy of integrative medicine and its whole-person approach, designed to treat the person, not just the disease.

IM (Integrative Medicine) depends on a partnership between the patient and the practitioner whose goal is to treat the mind, body, and spirit concurrently. Therapies like acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage can be combined with medications and medical modalities to achieve optimal wellness and health. Learn more about treating the whole person by means of truly holistic practices.


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Sophie Sheldon is trained and certified as a Medical Masseuse by Agadah beNachal Learning Center (2009) and completed Professional Massage Training at Riedman College in Jerusalem in 2010. For almost eight years she has been using a variety of massage techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, lomi-lomi, Thai acupressure, reflexology and healing. Sophie custom designs each of her treatments to the individual needs of her clients, providing a unique therapeutic and healing experience. Sophie volunteers with Mandelat Halev in Modiin, helping cancer patients and their families.

www.happyhands.me  054-568-6521 

Learn & Enjoy Massage Therapy 

Sophie will show the importance of taking care of our bodies in a wholesome way in order to heal not only the aches that are the physical manifestation of pain, frustration, anger and many more feelings that get stuck in our bodies, but to release them, facilitating life energy to flow freely once again. Participants will have a "hands-on" experience as they will learn different techniques to relax their neck and shoulders from the heaviness of daily life. Come and enjoy yourself while you learn.

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Leona Sampson is an author, blogger and translator. She wrote her novel, Community of Ones after losing her son to suicide. She blogs about grief and loss at: http://communityofones.blogspot.co.il/

Workshop: Stop the Struggle and Connect with Joy--Conducted with Nancy Schwartz
This workshop presents a unique triadic model to help us stop struggling with life. This model is derived from an understanding of the three facets of reality–deconstruction, maintenance and reconstruction. Understanding this model enables us to align with the natural flow of our lives, be true to ourselves and offer our unique gifts to the world. It teaches us how to align with the strength inside us and reconnect with joy. The workshop includes practical tools and processes we can use immediately to create change.


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Tamar Schriger, nutritional mentor and clinical nutritionist, has many years of experience working in individual nutritional therapy with workshops in early childhood nutrition for parents, children and youth. Not everyone has the tools and information to make informed decisions about food and eating. To address this need Tamar established “Achla Achila” workshops to relay important messages in a fun and experiential way for kids and youth. Adult workshops present up to date research and practical tips. She has training from Brandeis University and Hebrew University in nutritional coaching, sport nutrition and motivational interviewing. Prior to her work with children and youth, Tamar supervised dietetic nursing care service for 20 years.  

Workshop: Pickling, Sprouting, Fermenting: Breaking Down Food to Build Up Nutrition
Join Tamar for a hands-on workshop to see, smell and taste the wonders of SLOW FOOD. You will learn how to nourish your body with natural, slow food goodness and health. Free gift for each participant while supply lasts.

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Nancy Schwartz, LMSW, is a graduate of New York University School of Social Work. She has been a trauma, loss and recovery specialist for over 14 years with extensive experience in palliative care. She has a clinical practice in both Maale Adummim and Jerusalem.http://theplace.org.il/therapists/nancy-schwartz/ .

Workshop: Stop the Struggle and Connect with Joy--Conducted with Leona Sampson
This workshop presents a unique triadic model to help us stop struggling with life. This model is derived from an understanding of the three facets of reality–deconstruction, maintenance and reconstruction. Understanding this model enables us to align with the natural flow of our lives, be true to ourselves and offer our unique gifts to the world. It teaches us how to align with the strength inside us and reconnect with joy. The workshop includes practical tools and processes we can use immediately to create change.


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Keter is a Certified Breema Practitioner and Instructor from the Breema Center in Ca. and has been practicing the Breema method since 1997 in Israel and California.  Recently she has been organizing International Breema Workshops with the Director of the Breema Center in California and instructors from Europe and Israel.  She lives on Moshav Aviezer in Emek Haela with her 5 children.  She can be reached at 052-400-5481

Workshop: Breema is the most nurturing and nourishing form of touch there is with an extremely relaxing effect on body, mind, and feelings, supporting us in every aspect of our lives! Breema offers us a tangible taste of life in the present moment as it helps us to release deeply held, "crystallized" patterns in ourselves which manifest physically, emotionally, in the way we think and how we experience life. The art of being present includes Breema Bodywork, Self-Breema exercises and the Nine Principles of Harmony. This class is for anyone who can sit and work on the floor.

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Andrew David Shiller, MD is a Torah Jew who made aliyah in 2015. For 20 years he has been applying principles of functional medicine, osteopathy, and mindbody medicine to address unresolved pain and chronic illness. He completed a double residence at Harvard Medical School in Internal Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and is board certified in Israel and the USA. He serves on the staff of Tel Hashomer Hospital in the Pain Rehabilitation Unit, and sees patients in private practice in Jerusalem and Modiin, as well as virtual visits worldwide. He can be reached at www.drshiller.com.

Workshop: Integrative Medicine for Auto Immune Disease in a Torah Context

The Torah asks us to affirm each day, "Shma Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad.”   This not-so-simple phrase is pregnant with meaning and inspiration about how to cope and heal from chronic illness. We are told to trust G-d’s care of us. How does that help us respond to autoimmune diseases like arthritis, lupus, colitis, and multiple sclerosis? Can healing empower our faith? Can our faith help us heal? How are prayer and healing mirror images?

Torah sages taught us much about healing. Meditative prayer, positive intention and the kabalistic structure of our conscious and soul powers can do more than transform our neurochemistry; they can galvanize our will to make the changes that empower healing. They can help us align our will with that of G-d.  The thought, speech, and action that comprise our self-care then become part of our G-dly service.

A science-based, integrative, three-part model of auto-immune disease motivates a variety of effective self-care and lifestyle choices. It offers balance and healing for our metabolic system and biochemistry–our mechanics and structure–and activates the healing power of our mindbody relationships. It puts our efforts squarely in the center of our service of G-d according to Torah principles.

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Eye and I - Yoga for the Eyes

Ari Singer is a yoga instructor and vision therapy teacher. Ari wore glasses from the age of 13 to 27 until the day he decided to get rid of them. After succeeding in improving his eyesight he now teaches others to do the same!

Workshop: In this class we'll discover how simple eye exercises and understanding of how the eyes work we can restore our eyesight, improve our vision and get rid of our glasses.

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Yoga is an integral part of Sarka's daily life and her way of perceiving the world. She started practicing dynamic styles of yoga, which she learnt in Europe and India, in 2004. She then discovered the enormous potential of a gentler approach to the practice during her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training inthe Prana Yoga Teacher College of Vancouver. There she experienced the power of deeply meditative Yin Yoga and received that certification. Sarka's way of teaching encourages the students to bring full awareness to the present moment, inspires them to peacefully connect through their body and breath with their true self and thus discover their own immense life potential. 

Workshop: Yin Yoga: Journey to the North Side of the Mountain
Yin Yoga merges yogistic and Taoist traditions for a practice of quiet power. Most yoga practices in the Western world tend to have a yang nature, focused on muscle work to reach a particular form. Yin yoga focuses on softness, surrender, acceptance and a meditative state of mind. Attention is drawn towards the connective tissues, of such importance to the range of motion (ligaments, tendons, fasciae, joints). Yin yoga specifically targets the lower spine, pelvis and femur joints and effectively stimulates meridians that pass through this area of body. Each posture is held for relatively long period of time (3 to 5 minutes) to encourage the slow and safe opening of connective tissues. Yin yoga can be quite a challenging practice due to the length of time postures are held. The release of stiffness is not only on the physical level, but allows space for emotional cleansing. Other benefits are deep relaxation,  a peaceful mind and renewal of the life force. It is a great complement to a dynamic yoga practice, sports, and our sometimes hectic life. 

Suitable for all levels of practitioners, with variations to fit everyone´s needs and dispositions. Please inform Sarka about any health or other concerns you might have before the start of the yoga class.

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Ilana Tal loved competitive sports and swimming as a youngster in Maryland. She has made her passion for sport into a career, studying Outdoor Functional Training at the Wingate Institute in Netanya. She holds additional certifications in Core training, TRX, Fitball, and kickbox. She also holds a Bachelors degree in psychology and is a certified Animal Assisted Therapist.

Workshop: "Strength and Stability" 
This is a core strengthening workout focusing on balance. We will combine elements from pilates and yoga for a deep yet calm workout. Most of all we’ll learn to listen to our own bodies to work at a level that is just right for us.

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Rivka Zlatkin runs a Center for Women's Wellness and Childbirth Support. As a women's wellness provider, she helps overwhelmed and stressed women relax and get back in touch with their real self. Her diverse treatment methods include reflexology, Swedish massage, aromatherapy and guided imaging meditation for women of all ages. Rivka helps to prepare women who are wary of the birthing process for a calm, safe, gentle and fearless birth with her special birth education method. She specializes in new immigrant pregnant mothers, overwhelmed with preparations for this very special occasion amid challenging language, cultural and bureaucratic procedures.

Workshop: Guided Imagery to Your Virtual Dream Vacation

Participants in this workshop will achieve a deep sense of relaxation and the feeling of being on a lovely dream vacation. You might fall asleep or drift into a twilight zone of half-awareness, feeling lovely and refreshed after the class.

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