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Program Highlights

  • "Yoga Plus:" Early Morning Bodywork with a New Focus Each Day.
  • Daily Intentions Class Each Morning to Clarify our Goals and Maximize our Experience.
  • Five Classes before Lunch with Choice of Theory, Music, Dance, Art, and our Popular Cooking Class Series
  • Town Hall Panels, including Paths to Healing, Spiritual Journeys, Soul Spa, and Ask the Chefs.
  • Speaker Soapbox: Gather for Spontaneous Discussions of Hot Topics–Your 15 Minutes of Fame! 
  • Macrobiotics Basics Series: Increase Your Knowledge Each Day.
  • Drumming, Chanting, Dancing.
  • Evening Entertainment, Highlighting Flamenco Dance and Musical Story Telling.


Plenty of time for socializing & relaxing


Cook Apprentice Program
with Chef Patrick Grosset.

It just keeps getting better...

Evening Entertainment

Atias, Yitzhak & Tamar
Attias, Tamar.png

Yitzhak & Tamar Attias: Percussion, Flutes & Forest Sounds An Interactive Performance

Using flutes and percussion instruments from around the world, Yitzhak and Tamar Attias take you on an exquisite journey of rhythm and sound.

Yitzhak is a percussionist and songwriter originally from Gibraltar, a British colony off the coast of Spain. He brings Sephardic, Flamenco and African influences to his music.

Tamar is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her flute playing is an eclectic mix of Celtic, folk and jazz.

Both have performed and recorded extensively in Israel and abroad. They are the developers of the acclaimed Drums of Compassion workshop and the outstanding Reshimu Music Project.

Witt, Emuna.jpg


Emuna Witt HaLevi: Reb Shlomo’s Healing Stories of Love


Micaela Harari
!Ole Flamenco! Dance Performance

Flamenco is a challenging and expressive art form. It requires musicality, coordination, strength, stamina, focus and concentration. Micaela Harari has been teaching and performing flamenco in Jerusalem for over 15 years. She is director and teacher of "Studio Flamenca" in the Beit HaKerem Community Center. Trained in the U.S.A. and Spain, she combines a love and deep appreciation of the art with artistic and community activities. 

The flamenco repertoire is divided into various styles that are differentiated by song, rhythmic pattern and mood. Micaela will be dancing six different styles that demonstrate flamenco's various colors and feelings. The dances will be accompanied by accessories:  fan, shawl and castanets. Micaela will perform two 12 minute sections of three dances with a 10 minute break between them. 


Chana Yaffe.jpg


Chana Yaffe

"Stories of Healing–One Woman's Journey to Peacemaking”


Whole Health Forum 2018