The Rice House Presents the First Ever

Whole Health Fall Forum!

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November 4th–7th, 2019

Monday 10:45 TO thursday after lunch

we’re ready

We have a beautiful home in Maaleh Adummim (15 minutes outside Jerusalem), a chef and assistant and a wonderful program. Our aim is to gather for healthy living and learning and create community.


The theme of the Fall Forum is, “Fall Transformation–Taking In, Giving Out.” The four-day program includes a relaxed array of classes and activities.

We also offer a kitchen assistant program where each guest may spend time helping in food preparation on a volunteer, elective basis. You can opt in or opt out at registration.


Sleeping accommodations are available onsite and nearby, or you can commute.


The cost for the Fall Forum is ₪600. This includes all classes along with 10 scrumptious, vegan, kosher, gluten free meals. The daily price is ₪250. We’ll give priority to full time guests.


Daily Topic Schedule

Day 1 - monday, November 4th

The first day’s topic is “Happy Tummy: Digesting Life.” We’ll start with a welcoming lunch and continue to presentations on the Fall Transformation in its physical and emotional/spiritual challenges of grief, melancholy and depression. We’ll specifically focus on money issues.

Day 2 - tuesday, November 5th

Day two’s topic is “Skin Deep.” Here we’ll look at issues of the skin as our largest physical organ, at methods of skin care and treatment, and at spiritual components of being thin skinned, skinned alive, skinny and living by the skin of our teeth.

Day 3 - wednesday, November 6th

On day three, Izabella Konwińska of Poland will present, "Past Forward." This is a process of bringing deep life memories from the unconscious to consciousness to access and resolve hidden inner issues. Izabella will also offer private individualized sessions of Regression Therapy on Thursday and Friday, November 21-22 in central Jerusalem. We’ll continue on Tuesday with physical aspects of breath and breathing and diagnosing spirit on the hands in a focused palmistry lesson.

Day 4 - thursday, November 7th

Thursday is, “Wrap It Up and Roll On Out,” or in short, “Wrap & Roll” day. Any topics that have come up during the week without time to properly address them, or anyone who wants to offer an ad hoc presentation is welcome to do so. We’ll make and enjoy lunch together before we head out.

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Health & Nutritional Science Expert Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren will speak via webcam on “Skin Spirit: What Your Skin Quality Says about Your Emotional & Spiritual State.” The talk will address the mind-skin connection, including issues of visibility in skin science.

  • World-Wide Lecturer to Doctors, Health Practitioners, and the Public

  • Founder of the "Tel-Oren MucoCutaneous Therapy,” a Non-Surgical, Non-Medical Approach to Skin and Mucous Lesions

  • Skin & Anti-Aging Diagnostics and Therapeutics Innovator

  • Functional Medicine Expert

  • Natural Medicine Author

  • Professor at the University of Natural Medicine and the IAACN

  • Certified, Licensed Clinical Nutritionist

  • Board-Certified in Functional-Medicine, Clinical-Nutrition, Disability Analysis, and Chelation-Therapy

  • Founder of Humanitarian Projects in Several Countries

  • Guide for Foraging and Trekking Expeditions, Ecological Projects, Retreats and Adventures

  • Join us for the first ever Whole Health Fall Forum!

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