Numerology is a system of numerical calculations based on a person's birth name and birthday.  Simple computations reveal ones strengths, weaknesses, innermost needs, emotional make up, and relationship to his inherent talents.   Numerology allows one to discern his truestidentity, how he functions, his proclivities, weaknesses and strengths. The information from a reading implies neither judgment of good or bad nor criticism; rather it clarifies ones birth potential.   Change is always accessible through personal experience as an expression of free will.


Numerology is a fascinating study that provides the student the opportunity to learn the required skills for immediate insights into the personalities, motivations, ambitions and private inspiration of himself and those around him.    This analysis is generally inaccessible without months of study.

Secondly, a course in numerology offers training to become a professional (or armchair) numerologist.

The 26 hour study course meets for 2 hours each week over 13 weeks and includes:

Technical aspects of a numerology reading-calculations, interpretations, and understanding.

Exploring the spiritual aspects associated with numerology, and their implications on readings and other aspects of daily life.

Communication skills for articulate verbal readings.

Guidance for persons seeking life changes as a result of a numerology reading.


A numerology reading is an analysis of one's inherent traits-the energies with which he was born that describe his unique potential. This information is best communicated in person or second best by phone in order to ensure a clear and relevant reading.

All readings include an analysis of the client's spouse or significant other, exploring facets of each person as they relate to each other.

These features include:
Relationships and adaptability as a couple with one another and others.
Relations with parents, children and relatives.
Emotionally and sexual relations of each partner.
Physical compatibility.
Sensitivity to your own and each others' feelings.
Ability to communicate.
Ability to give and receive love and affection.
Relationship and abilities with money, business and possessions; your ability to earn a living.
Mutual ambitions as a couple.
The effect of opportunities and influences of the current year on your lives.
What trends you can both expect from your relationship in the future.

Additional family members and friends may also be analyzed if desired.

Numerology Reading: ₪100


These sample experiences illustrate how a numerology reading contributes to self knowledge and life guidance:

A woman in her mid fifties from a small town in Kentucky had been working in a factory for the past twenty-five years as a production line seamstress.   Her numerology reading showed high natural talent with comparable motivation, good self confidence and easy adaptability to change. I explained to her that her present career was incompatible with her high potential.   She revealed that her dead-end job was the result of repeated family assertions of her stupidity as she was growing up. She eventually had settled into a job that did not require a clever mind. She harbored a dream of becoming a nurse. I ardently encouraged her, certain that she would succeed at this career.   She parted with tears in her eyes, thanking me for the encouragement to pursue her dream.

A young lady working as a forest ranger at the Smokey National Park in Tennessee was dating two boyfriends, unable to decide which one to pursue.   Numerology readings for her and both boyfriends clearly showed the best choice for her personality.   She was very relieved with this unexpected clarity.

A couple engaged in high performance sport-windsurfing and bobsled racing piqued my interest regarding their motivation for pushing themselves to such extremes.   Each one's reading revealed a clear lack of self confidence, the last thing one would expect.   When I suggested that their obsession for excellence was a subconscious means to boost their flagging self confidence, they immediately embraced the idea.   It opened up behavioral insights that paved the way to self improvement.


Received from Marian Rowat of Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC on July 10, 2005

"My numerology session with you was most interesting and valuable.  In fact it was a total surprise how accurate you were with many of your comments, not only about me but it also helped me understand my three grown children more.

"You gave me insights for myself which I had not consciously thought about but which were totally accurate, such as my social difficulties growing up, the rigidity of my life in the second stage, and now being ready for writing, speaking, music, reading and Joy!  Sheldon, you were right on with what you told me!

"As a result I registered for a writing course at the local college.  I have joined a morning choir which is incredible fun - what a gifted teacher we have - we even walk around singing our parts!  I've even given a little talk to the local Earthsave potluck group about macrobiotics and there was a lot of interest and discussion."

Received from Julie Ong from San Francisco, CA on October 8, 2005

"I remember my personality reading and the compatibility reading very well.  You were very accurate about much of the information in the numbers.  You said that I had a dominating father which is true and that I chose that situation to have that experience.  You said that I enjoy my freedom and that I am also well-organized, both of which are needed for balance to prevent the other from getting out of hand.  Not only were you accurate in the description of my personality, you put it all together in a cohesive way that increased my awareness of the experiences I wanted.  Now I understand that based on my personality, I react in a certain way to particular situations.  The readings also changed how I view myself and my relationship.  I am more at peace with how things turn out, knowing that neither of us has a large ego to get in the way of the growing relationship.  I was very satisfied with the readings and recommend them to anyone interested in a new perspective on their experiences."

Received from Anita Catron from Salt Lake City, UT on November 28, 2005

"The numerology sessions you did for me were very timely and answered a lot of questions I had about my family situation.  Your comments were enlightened and helped me through a few tough spots.  I shared your comments with my daughters for whom you also read their "numbers" and you were right on. I appreciated your insights and will certainly take advantage of your services again.  As life rolls on, new insights are always needed."


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