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Chalav U'Dvash Health Food Store

Located at 93 Kikar Yahalom in Maale Adummim

We, at Chalav U'Dvash are here to listen, advise, and provide the best possible service to our health conscious friends and clients, whether it be personal or health related.

Chalav U'Dvash offers a wide range of organic products, ranging from grains, beans, legumes, and including fresh vegetables, food supplements, cosmetics, and more. Visit us and enjoy the courtesy of our pleasant staff in answering all your needs.



Zmora Health Food Stores

Zmora Organics is a chain of health food stores providing organic and natural foods. It is one of the oldest and largest chains in the Jerusalem area. You can find a wide variety of  organic and natural products of many kinds:

* Fruits and vegetables
* Gluten free products
* Ecological cleaning products
* Hygienic products
* Natural and organic cosmetics
* Food supplements

Zmora does everything possible to bring you fresh quality products so you may enjoy the experience of buying the best; your health is our business.

There is a cafeteria to serve you at our Talpiot branch store so you can enjoy a healthy meal with variety, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, and organic coffee. Also, you can get naturopathic advice at all our branch stores.

Zmora is supervised and approved by Skaal which approves businesses dealing with organic products in Israel, and is a member of the organic agricultural association of Israel.


Givat Shaul Store: 37 Najara Street--Tel: 02-652-0107; Fax: 02-653-6532

Greek Colony Store: 1 Amazya Street--Tel: 02-566-6660 or 02-563-1951; Fax: 02-562-6493

Talpiot Store: 5 Yad Haruzim Street--Tel: 02-673-0008; Fax: 02-563-1008

Offices: 02-651-1928

Email: zmoraorg@zahav.net.il


Natural Choice Bakery

Located at 111 Agripas Street, across from the Mahane Yehuda Market

We deliver to Beit Shemesh and other areas.

In our bakery we use only natural ingredients with no preservatives. Our baked goods are made from unique flours such as whole wheat, organic spelt and whole rye flour and include yeast free breads, rolls, cakes, cookies, pita bagels, with no gluten or sugar added. Under the supervision of Belz Hashgacha.

Our website is currently under construction; it will be available shortly.

Contact us at:  natural-choice@hotmail.com

Mobile: 058-622-3229   

The Natural Choice – Healthy can be tasty!


Shorshei Zion

Crackers--Granola--Chips--Sprouted Nuts--Raw Chocolate

Shoreshei Tzion strives to provide Raw, Organic, Nutrient Dense & Healing foods of the highest quality ~  Our *Live Food Medicine* is filled with Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes & Health!  

All Seeds & Nuts are first Sprouted to maximize Digestibility & Vitamin content.  

Our Sprouts are then combined with Organic Vegetables or Fruits & then Dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve Enzymes & Provide a Food filled with Nutrients & Life !

We use only Freshly Harvested Organic Vegetables & Fruits from Sustainable Organic Farmers~  Our products are handmade with Love & Care in small batches to preserve their freshness & their Life Force  ~ Our process of Sprouting & Dehydrating is passing Life Force to you with Wholesome Nutrition that Nourish not just the physical body, but also our Whole Beings  ~  Mind, Body & Soul  ~  Our bodies are our Temples~ We hope that our Healing Food will Enlighten you.

Why to eat raw food? food that is heated above 46 degrees celcius looses its natural enzymes, nutrition & vitality ~ raw food improves good digestion, strengthens the body with its vitality & nutritional power, cleansing & nourishing, our physical temples 

Why sprouted nuts? sprouting process  wakes the seeds  & frees the phytic acid מפעיל את האנזימים ומנטרל חומצות קשות הנמצאות בכל הזרעים והדגנים. This processhelps digestion והספיגה של חומרי הזנה חיוניים. The sprouting מפחיתה בערך %50 את השומן וב- 25 % את הקלוריות ומעלה את החלבון עד ל-

Email:  shoresheitzion@gmail.com
Tel: 02-571-6237

Hatzaba 3 (הצבע 3)--Bet Shemesh Industrial Area


Haorgani – Fruits and Vegetables from Organic Farms Straight to Your Table

HaOrgani is a socially conscious business providing quality and convenient food delivery services that promote ecological consumer awareness. We package locally-grown organic produce straight from the fields and deliver it directly to customers’ doorsteps. Our goal is to provide customers with healthy, fresh produce while supporting local, organic agriculture and permaculture.

Promoting a healthy body and planet.
The core of what we do is combining our desire to eat healthy with our desire to keep the planet healthy. We supply customers with clean, healthy and fresh produce full of natural vitamins, proteins and minerals. This is because our products are only sourced from local farms and suppliers that practice sustainable agriculture: farming that protects the environment and nurtures and replenishes resources.

Helping farmers be farmers.
Haorgani’s service directly connects customers with farmers throughout Israel that are engaged with sustainable agriculture. We handle all aspects of our farmers’ customer service, managing orders, overseeing packaging, invoices and delivery, enabling farmers to concentrate on what they really want to do: farm the land in a natural, sustainable way.

Promoting education and consumer awareness.
Our weekly baskets encourage planning ahead and careful consideration. And since they’re only packed with the freshest in-season fruits and veggies being harvested by farmers for that current week, our customers begin to learn more about what’s in season when.  Community members are also encouraged to get to know our farmers through our blog where we bring interviews with farmers and stories from the fields straight to our readers.

Providing personalized service.
Our customers are interested in locally grown organic food, and in cultivating a more direct relationship with the source of their food. We deliver to businesses, organizations, groups, communities, families and individuals. To each and every one of our customers we provide the same full and personal attention. And it’s our customers who tell us that they feel the difference in our dedication to professional, courteous, thoughtful customer service. You can feel it in every basket we deliver.

Labels & product information.
It is our belief that the “Organic” brand label does not properly convey to consumers the quality of the permaculture products. It’s important to note that we consciously work with some permaculture farmers who have not been officially certified as “Organic.” These are all farmers we have hand-picked and are proud to recommend as reputable businesses of sustainable agriculture.  In order to promote transparency, all products we supply that have not been officially certified as “Organic” are shown with a “sustainable agriculture” symbol in the product details. Moreover, we always indicate the name of the supplier or farmer next to every product.

Haorgani was founded in 2010 to promote sustainable agriculture within the community. In 2012, Haorgani became one of the first social businesses to endorse Permaculture Israel.


Sacred Union Here Now Media

Web Platforms, Design, Digital Content Delivery, On-Line Event Productions, Email Campaigns  


As Founders of Sacred Union Here Now Media, we have the deep honor of turning peoples' dreams into reality. Our job is simple. Our team finds the most innovative, thought provoking, creative, prolific, and talented authors and trailblazers to insure that their brilliant work gets into the hands of their target audiences.  With a team of the most cutting-edge and skilled professionals in the industry, we bring global recognition to books, products and programs that we introduce to the world. We work with first-time authors, as well as, internationally acclaimed best selling authors. Sacred Union Here Now Media represents those committed to inner and outer health, wealth, consciousness and transformation on the personal and planetary levels.  In the process, we also connect individuals who collaborate, partner and influence each other in the most unimaginable ways. Step into the tapestry of possibility....

Mordechai David Naseck Holistic Health & Wellness, Meditation, Kabbalah, Spiritual Counseling, Soul Coaching


Mordechai David Naseck is an internationally known teacher, healer, Shaman, Yogi, Mystic, Reiki Master, Sufi and holistic health and business consultant. Well known for facilitating life‐changing experiences, 

Mordechai David has been featured on television and radio, both nationally and internationally. While pursuing his global quest for health, vitality, longevity and spiritual enlightenment, Mordechai David has studied with many Masters of the World’s Traditions and Religions. He has presented at the World’s Top Resorts, Spas, Institutes, and Centers including Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Miraval Life in Balance Resort, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, The Omega Institute, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, The Ann Wigmore Institute & Foundation, Ascent of Tzfat, as well as, aboard the World’s Most Famous Ocean Liner Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. 

Most recently Mordechai David has been studying Kabbalah in the Holy Land’s mystical city of Tzfat where Kabbalah has very deep roots. Mordechai David makes his home in Tzfat with his beautiful wife Elina. 

Offering Holistic Health Consulting, Spiritual Counseling, and Executive Business Coaching, Mordechai David’s clientele includes Regular Folks, CEOs, Doctors, Attorneys, Heads of State, Hollywood Folk, Entrepreneurs and well-known Spiritual Masters & Teachers.


Elina Naseck Life Coach, Soul Coaching


Elina Shcop Naseck is a Life Coach trained in many disciplines of coaching, including but not limited to Positive Psychology, Law of Attraction, Co-Active Coaching, NLP, Logotherapy, Soul’s Journey, Meditation, and Dream Analysis. Her passion is to explore how travel, inner and outer, opens one up to the Divine Flow of the Universe.

She has been a meditator for decades and uses the tools of Mindfulness to bring others in touch with their inner heart, their all-knowing intuition and their soul’s radiance. Elina has worked with creatives, artists, CEOs, homemakers, entrepreneurs, and seekers of any kind. She believes that anyone can access the Truth that resides within them in Grace, Love and Beauty. She is honored to walk this path with anyone who is willing to journey through the Magnificent Garden of their Being. Elina currently lives in the Holy City of Tzfat with her beloved husband, Mordechai David. Together, they bring the masculine and feminine energies of healing to all they encounter.


Maggie's Garden--Nataf

Maggie’s Garden operates according to permaculture, i.e., sustainable agriculture. Permaculture is based on balances in nature, sustainable inputs, and meticulous care of the environment. Our diversified vegetable garden is based on a natural balance between plant species. In contrast to monoculture, we use no dangerous chemicals that pollute crops or seep into the earth or ground water. Thus we can grow healthy and nutritious crops while protecting the environment. Our crops are grown according to season, harvested just before delivery, and packed into recycled cartons. The only energy burned in our garden is our own.

For vegetables, fruits, and other healthful products that are not grown here, we work with other  organic l farmers and producers who operate according to the same principles and are likewise accredited by overseeing organizations such as Agrior, Secal, and IQC. In addition, all our products are certified kosher.


Email:  natafgarden@gmail.com
Cell: 054-753-6106
Tel: 02-570-0796