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MACROBIOTICS IN THE UNITED STATES: An Assessment of Services and Activities 


New York, NY

Map of New York

Practitioners Interviewed: Susan Krieger (212) 242-4217; Kezia Snyder (212) 929-2122; Jane Steinberg (212) 229-1646; Ettia Tal (212) 496-9719.
[1] Susan Krieger: Length of Macrobiotic Practice: 33 years.
Community Functions: Macrobiotic counselor; used to cook and is now available to do so.
Macrobiotic Study: At London Kushi Institute with Bill Tara; also studied macrobiotics and cooked privately with Marcia Weber.
Alternative Healing Modes: Chi Gong and Breathing exercises; Medical Doctor when necessary.
[2] Kezia Snyder: Length of Macrobiotic Practice: 26 years.
Community Functions: Has been a private chef for 15 years.  Kezia started the New York Macrobiotic Center in New York in the early 1980's with Shizuko Yamamoto, Eric and Neal Stapleman.  She has a mailing list of 500 people.  Also, she started Earthsave in New York.
Macrobiotic Study: Studied at the East West Foundation in the late 1970's in Brookline and attended all the summer camps.
Alternative Healing Modes: No.
[3] Jane Steinberg: Length of Macrobiotic Practice: 10 years.
Community Functions: Health counseling and full time cooking.
Macrobiotic Study: years with Denny Waxman's "Strengthening Health Institute"; 2 years studied at the School for Integrative Nutrition in New York.
Alternative Healing Modes: No.
[4] Ettia Tal: Length of Macrobiotic Practice: 11 years 
Community Functions: Registered Nurse. Owns a Holistic spa; Shiatsu teacher
Macrobiotic Study: Level I at the KI; Gullivers in New York; 6 years with Denny Waxman at his Strengthening Health Institute school; spiritual seminars; destiny class; advance training workshop with Michio Kushi .
Alternative Healing Modes: No


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This work was supported by Grant/Cooperative Agreement Number U48/CCU409664-09 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Macrobiotics Research Project: 

A 2-year grant sponsored by Centers of Disease Control; October 2000 to September 2002

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