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Macrobiotic Community  of

St Louis, MO



Community Description

Area Description

St Louis is the second largest city in Missouri and a leading industrial and transportation center in the United States.  It lies on the west bank of the Mississippi River, about 10 miles south of where the Mississippi meets the Missouri River.  It is the busiest inland port on the Mississippi River. Its metropolitan area population is 2,492,500.

Municipalities With Macrobiotic Services Or Activities

Chesterfield, Clayton, St Louis in Missouri; Edwardsville in Illinois.

Summary and Impressions of the Community

Kim Short and Peggy Levinson formed a macrobiotic core group in the mid 1990's. Betty Berger is now the macrobiotic leader in the area. It is a tribute to the leadership shown by Betty Berger in maintaining such an active community with minimal help, and it shows what is possible with the driving energy of a strong leader. St Louis has one resident cooking teacher and no counselors. Warren Kramer comes quarterly to teach and counsel.    

Macrobiotic Community Assessment

Moderate Services: No resident counselors & 1 full time cooking teacher; visiting counselor 4 times a year. Moderate Activities: Potlucks every 2 weeks.


Professional Services

Resident Counselors


Resident Cooking Teachers


Visiting Counselors and Cooking Teachers

Warren Kramer.

Professional Cooks or Caterers

Betty Berger; she also helps people organize their kitchens and get started  



Support System

Paid or Potluck Dinners

There are potluck dinners twice a month.  Previously, there were paid macro dinners, but no longer.

Education Centers

Free classes at Whole Foods only.


Warren Kramer visits four times a year; seminars, lectures, cooking lessons and counseling are held at that time.  Lino Stanchich used to come before Warren.


Online notices monthly  

Support Groups

At potlucks; about 15 - 30 people attend.

Work Study Program


Publications, Books, Cassettes

Betty Berger lends out books from her library; books can also be bought at health food stores  

Web Sites



Natural Food Sources

Macrobiotic Restaurants

There are no macrobiotic restaurants in the area; 7 restaurants advertise vegan options.

Natural Food Chain Stores

Wild Oats, Whole Foods.

Independent Natural Food Stores


Natural Food Coops


Mail Order Buying Clubs

Co-Op buying club from Blooming Prairie just stopped.  An organic vegetables farmer's market just started.  

Cottage Industries