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Macrobiotic Community  of

Sarasota, FL




Community Description

Area Description

Sarasota lies on Sarasota Bay on Florida's west coast.  Its chief industry is tourism. It was the winter headquarters of the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus from 1927 to 1960.  Its population is 51,000.

Municipalities With Macrobiotic Services Or Activities

North Port, Sarasota, Venice.

Summary and Impressions of the Community

Dr Roger Romano, a chiropractor, introduced macrobiotics to the area in 1992.  His interest stemmed from his father's recovery from bone cancer. He began an organization called "Suncoast Macrobiotic Foundation", but it faded in 1993 when Roger's father passed on. Macrobiotic activities were then spearheaded by Larry and Judy McKenna until they moved to the Kushi Institute 3 and 1/2 years ago. Lynn Bursky a resident cook, is interested in changing the community's macrobiotic dynamics through her cooking.

Macrobiotic Community Assessment

Moderate Services: No resident or visiting counselors & 1 part time cooking teacher. Dormant Activity: Occasional dinners only. Strong community until MacKenna’s moved to Kushi Institute in 1988.  


Professional Services

Resident Counselors

Brent MacPhail did counseling in the past.  

Resident Cooking Teachers

Lynn Brusky  

Visiting Counselors and Cooking Teachers


Professional Cooks or Caterers

Lynn Brusky cooks and delivers food to people's homes.  


Interviewed Macrobiotic Practitioners

Lynn Brusky


Length of Macrobiotic Practice

10 Years

Community Functions

Cooking lessons and food takeouts

Macrobiotic Study

Learned cooking with Michael Reilly.

Alternative Healing Modes

Acupuncture, Shiatsu.


Support System

Paid or Potluck Dinners

Lynn Bursky invites people to sit down dinners at her home about every two months.  She is planning to work part time now, so will devote more energy to her macrobiotic activities.  There are no scheduled pot luck dinners.  Lynn delivers cooked meals to people's homes.  Michael Reilly had pot luck dinners at his home for 3 - 4 years, but stopped some time ago.

Education Centers






Support Groups


Work Study Program


Publications, Books, Cassettes

Some at local health food stores  

Web Sites



Natural Food Sources

Macrobiotic Restaurants

No macrobiotic restaurants; Vegan options at 1 local restaurant in addition to 3 supermarkets.

Natural Food Chain Stores

Good Earth  

Independent Natural Food Stores

Granary #2. Mother Earth #4, Richards Whole Market, Honey Bear Health Foods Inc  

Natural Food Coops


Mail Order Buying Clubs

Granary #2. Mother Earth #4, Richards Whole Market, Honey Bear Health Foods Inc  

Cottage Industries