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Macrobiotic Community  of

Durham-Chapel Hill, NC




Community Description

Area Description

Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh lie in the northeastern part of the state.  Durham is a regional center for the health care industry. It is the home of Duke University.  Raleigh is the state capital and an educational, research and trade center. The metropolitan area including the three cities is 855, 500.

Municipalities With Macrobiotic Services Or Activities

Carrboro, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham,  Henderson, Hillsboro, Raleigh.

Summary and Impressions of the Community

Macrobiotics in Durham was started by Grace Thomas in the mid-1980's with the creation of the Triangle Macrobiotic Association.  At its peak, as many as 50-60 people came to pot luck dinners.  In the mid-1990's, the Solterra community was created, originally planned exclusively for macro residents. Three macrobiotic families live in this area and constitute the heart of macrobiotic community life in the city at this time. Although this original goal was forsaken for a more practical approach, three of its families are macrobiotic, and each has a spouse who has recovered from cancer using macrobiotics. Thanks to these families and others, the community has a bi-monthly newsletter, sponsors visiting counselors to lecture and provide health consultations, gives cooking lessons, and organizes potluck dinners. Whole food supermarkets, and coops keep the macrobiotic community well supplied with their culinary and related needs.

Macrobiotic Community Assessment

Moderate Services: No resident counselors & 1 part time cooking teacher, Visiting counselors twice a year.  Macro cooking started in 1980’s but not as a center.  Moderate Activities:   Monthly potlucks, newsletter.  


Professional Services

Resident Counselors


Resident Cooking Teachers

Grace Thomas, Sally Weil  

Visiting Counselors and Cooking Teachers

Warren Kramer and Lisa Arkin came in March, 2002.  Lino Stanchich has also appeared periodically.  

Professional Cooks or Caterers

Ginger Daniel from Carboro, NC cooks twice a month for George and Judith Krassner  


Interviewed Macrobiotic Practitioners

Sally Weil


Length of Macrobiotic Practice

20 Years

Community Functions

Sally gives cooking lessons, and publishes the local newsletter entitled: Triangle Macrobiotic Association.

Macrobiotic Study

No formal study.  She studied a little with Eric Stapleman in New York, at macrobiotic summer conferences, and on travel tours; Sally goes on whatever tours are given (such as Michio Kushi's Japan tour).

Alternative Healing Modes

She had Acupuncture for a year to help her digestion.  She also had shiatsu. Occasionally she takes Echinacea and Vitamin C in flu season.


Support System

Paid or Potluck Dinners

There are monthly potluck dinners; about 12 - 15 people attend.  It is coordinated by a rotating host who is responsible for soup and tea. There is also a potluck on the Friday night when a guest speaker is scheduled to appear.

Education Centers



Twice a year, a guest speaker and cooking teacher are invited; in the past Lino and Jane Quincannon came 2 - 3 times.  Warren Kramer and Lisa Orkin came in March, 2002.  Some of the activities take place in the Durham Solterra common house, and at other times, in Raleigh.


Triangle Macrobiotics is published every 2 months by Don and Sally Weil.  

Support Groups

Only at potlucks.

Work Study Program


Publications, Books, Cassettes

At local health food stores and co op.

Web Sites

Solterra Community


Natural Food Sources

Macrobiotic Restaurants

No macrobiotic restaurants; 2 restaurants with vegan options, in addition to Whole Foods  

Natural Food Chain Stores

Wellsprings, a subsidiary of Whole Foods is located in Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh.  

Independent Natural Food Stores

None. Krogers carries a line of organic vegetables

Natural Food Coops

Weaver Street Co-Op, Durham Co-Op  

Mail Order Buying Clubs


Cottage Industries